Wednesday 13 June 2012

Painting of the Day: "Departing Storm"

  The painting doesn't actually have a name yet, and I contemplated putting the title of this post as Painting of the Day: "Untitled" but it wasn't very descriptive. So, Robert, I hope you don't mind me naming it for you for the sake of a title.

  The painting in question was done for the WetCanvas Art Exchange. It was a whole lot of fun. (Although I didn't participate as my schedule does not allow it.) And... they've just revealed the results. Here, is Robert Sewell's piece:
  It's, in the Artist's own words: "something like 6" by 16 1/2", Prismacolor pencils on beige Mi-Teints paper." :)

  Jokes aside, it's a truly beautiful work, and I am, once again, very much inspired by him. Which is why I've already featured him in "My List". The warm and cool colors work really well, and you can see the composition is very well thought out to make the painting balanced. (I really like the swirly colors also.)

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