Thursday 28 June 2018

Stephanie Jennifer's Baby Shower

  On the 17th of June, I had my baby shower. It was a day filled with joy and love, and I wanted to share the day with you... In addition to telling you about the little art projects that I did for the party.

  To answer some questions:

  • We're having a girl.
  • The baby's name is going to be "Charlotte".
  • I am due in mid-July 2018.

  Here's a video I created of the event:

  The idea I had for the party was that I didn't want to spend too much on it, and I wanted the things bought for the party to be useful after the event. With that in mind, here's a run-down on the decorations...

  • The streamers were left-over (unused) decoration from my niece's birthday party.
  • The shiny stars on the wall were from our 2017 Christmas party.
  • The "love" balloon was bought for just under $3 from Aliexpress.
  • The custom onesie was bought from Carousell for about $18.
  • I created the sign for the activity table, and the thumbprint tree myself.
  • Each guest received a hand-made "thank you" card, and a little gift bag filled with candy and chocolate. The gift bag was really pretty and gold (so fancy!) so that guests would be encouraged to reuse it as a jewellery bag or for something else. I sewed two of the bags together to create a little pouch for one of my watercolour palettes.

I bought them from Aliexpress.

  Here's how the thumbprint tree ended up looking like. I will be including the date of birth on the penciled line at the bottom of the page, and then framing it up. :)

  And here's the signed onesie. I absolutely love it. Lights on!

  Lights off! The brown envelope contains confetti from the large LED light balloon. And the pink ribbon and lights in the frame are from that balloon as well.

  Lastly, here are some of the thank you cards that I created for the party... They were really simple. Just a watercolour background wash... Then add a quote on them using Tombow markers. And then some details in gold using Finetec paints.

  Thank you for stopping by. I hope you gained some inspiration, and that you shared in some of the joy that I received on that day.

  Much love. Till' next time...