free tanglelendar pages

In 2016, I wanted to create something that I could use to help me keep drawing tangles every day. The old saying, "Practice makes perfect." is very true.

  The solution was the Tanglelendar.
  I wanted something that I could finish very quickly, so I made the boxes small. I wanted a calendar that could be easily shared, so I made the files in .pdf format. I also made them be printable on regular A4-sized paper. You have the freedom to use any colour or weight of paper that can be fed into your printer. (Very customisable!) If you wanted to, you could even do watercolour or acrylic washes on your paper before printing out the calendar onto it. Every month is a new possibility.

  The pages are free for download. However, I ask that you do not re-upload them somewhere else. They are for personal use and are not to be sold. I also grant permission to Certified Zentangle Teachers to give them out during their Zentangle® classes. If you have any questions/requests, let me know in the comments section below.

  Also, you might want to join the Tanglelendar Facebook group to post your work-in-progress pictures of your Tanglelendar, and also see what other artists have created with their own pages. Link to the group is right here.


For easier downloading, all months are in one folder, now.
2017 (Starting on Mondays)
2017 (Starting on Sundays)


Christmas themed!
December 2016 (Starting on a Monday)
December 2016 (Starting on a Sunday)

Or, if you don't celebrate Christmas, here are the not-Christmas versions. Happy holidays to you!
December 2016 (Starting on a Monday)
December 2016 (Starting on a Sunday)

November 2016 (Starting on a Monday)
November 2016 (Starting on a Sunday)

Halloween themed!
October 2016 (Starting on a Monday)
October 2016 (Starting on a Sunday)

September 2016 (Starting on a Monday)
September 2016 (Starting on a Sunday)

August 2016 (Starting on a Monday)
August 2016 (Starting on a Sunday)

July 2016 (Starting on a Monday)
July 2016 (Starting on a Sunday)

June 2016 (Starting on a Monday)
June 2016 (Starting on a Sunday)

(major update! I added all months from June to December 2016. Woohoo!)

May 2016 (Starting on a Monday)
May 2016 (Starting on a Sunday)

April 2016 (Starting on a Monday)
April 2016 (Starting on a Sunday)

In mid-February, an artist asked whether I could have the weeks on my calendars start on a Sunday. I obliged, and since then, there were two versions of each month's calendar page.

March 2016 (Starting on a Monday)
March 2016 (Starting on a Sunday)

February 2016

January 2016


  1. Thank you for sharing, love your ideas! Inge from Bavaria

  2. Hey Steph…how about posting May now. I like to work ahead!

    1. Hey, Ginny.

      Sorry for the late reply. I've been very busy and only just got the time to create the pages for May. I'm still a week early, though. ;) I hope you like what I made for May 2016.

  3. Thanks for doing all of this for free, Stephanie!

    1. You're very welcome~ I'm just glad that people find the Tanglelendar useful. ^-^

  4. I added all months from June to December. Woohoo!
    Hopefully that'd be helpful to some of you who want to work ahead, or perhaps bind the pages to resemble an actual calendar.

    October is Halloween themed and has melted numbers; and there are two versions for December- a Christmas themed one and a regular one. All other months have their own special headers with regular block numbers. I hope you enjoy them. ^-^

    Also, do let me know if you have any ideas for themes of certain months for next year's Tanglelendar. I love hearing from you. <3

  5. I've updated all pages for 2017! I hope you enjoy using the pages as much as I do.

    Happy tangling!