Monday 25 June 2012

Recommended Artist: Thomas Easley

  Thomas Easley's roosters just caught my eye with their energy, their rhythm, and how he perfectly captured their personalities. Of course, he does paint other subjects, one of them being realistic wine still life, and I assure you, he does it just as brilliantly.

  As his website states: "Easley Roosters are more than simply roosters. They are proud creatures beaming with confidence and sure of their role in the world. Painting a rooster embodies the joy of creating and provides Thomas the challenge to capture their attitude, yet maintain the elegant grace each possesses. It is artwork for fun, meant to celebrate life and stimulate a visceral connection."

  Brilliantly said.

  He has been a self-taught artist, and has held his brush for 30 years, and I do think it shows in the confidence of his brush strokes.

  If you would like to view his wine still life, or available prints of his work, view his website at:

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