Wednesday 29 June 2016

June Tanglelendar

  I'm not taking part in any weekly Zentangle challenges this week. But here's a tile that's inspired by Joey's challenge last week:
Featuring Maryhill in the middle.
  And now on to the tiles I've completed for Travelling Tangles...
with Karin Godyns.

with  Christel Foncke.

with Susanna Anna Redaelli.

with  Franciose Lip.

  Travelling Tangles is a collaborative project that aims to show how the Zentangle® method can bring people from around the world closer to one another. The idea is that you will draw on an original Zentangle tile but only finish the drawing half-way. Then you will send it off to another person for him/her to complete it. In exchange, they too will half finish a tile and send it to you for you to complete. Both you and the other person will then each keep the tile you have received.

  The group is open to everyone- the more the merrier.

  You don't have to swap to be a part of the group. If you'd like to join the group just to be able to see all the beautiful things everyone creates, that's perfectly alright. You can join the group via this link.

  Here's a pretty selfie from that one day when I went to Teck Ghee to hold a workshop:

  I had my last class for June yesterday. You can see various things that the class created on Everything Is Art's Facebook page via this link. I just want to show you this awesome Bales that one of my students did.

  I finished my June Tanglelendar:
You can download July's template (and all other months in 2016) from here.

  I have filmed new Draw With Me videos, and they'll be up on my YouTube channel once I'm done.

  And that's about it for now. Till' next week!

Wednesday 22 June 2016

warm summers

  I hope you're enjoying your summer. Singapore is a tropical country so we don't get seasons. But it seems like I've been using a lot of flower-y tangles lately...

   A family friend has a birthday a while ago. And my mum and I *finally* got around to creating a tile together as a present for that friend.
I did the Ando and Tipple. She did everything else.

  Here's a throwback to Joey's Challenge #114. Featuring Shattuck, Barber Pole, Cheesecloth, and an "XIV" string...
I did another variation of this challenge, but me being me, I haven't gotten around to completing it just yet. Oopsies. I'll get there, though... Eventually.

  Here's my entry for this week's Diva Challenge:
I used some inspiration from this week's Joey's Challenge- Maryhill. See whether you can see the Maryhill fragments in the tile. There's also Afterglo (which is a new tangle to me), Printemps, and some other lines.

  Sticking with the black-white-red theme... Here's a tile I completed for the Travelling Tangles Project. This was done with Jo Flaherty.
She did the bottom portion and the small red thingie at the top right corner.
I added Crux and Snail.

  To be honest, I never quite like how my Renaissance tiles turn out. This beauty was from Kim Aarts-Bruins. I added Ando and Dervish. But I didn't like how my shading turned out... The grey graphite made things look muddy. The members in the Travelling Tangles group assured me that it looked just fine, so I guess we are our own worst critique. 
Kim sent me another tile with Singapore Sling on it. And that tile is white, so I'm sure I'll have a better time with that tile.
  Last one. Done with Janet Day.
She did the watercolour background and the blob thing.
I did the rest and added shading with coloured pencils.

  Thanks for stopping by to have a look. Till' next week. ^-^

Sunday 19 June 2016

blessings counted

  What's happened in the past week? I've been busy teaching Zentangle classes. My work schedule is a hot mess and every single day starts and ends at very different timings. However, it's been extremely fulfilling, very rewarding, and I am constantly reminded about how lucky I am to be able to do what I love for a living.

  I had a workshop at Marina Square on the 18th/19th... Here's a selfies I took whilst waiting for my mum to grab coffee before we set up for the event:
You can view pictures of the actual event (plus what the participants created) by clicking this link.

  And because I've been so busy sharing the Zentangle method with others, the time I have to create things has dramatically been reduced. But when there's a will, there's a way.
Cadent-Paradox hybrid thingie with Zonked as the background.
You can find out how to draw that Cadent-Pardox tangle by watching this video.

I taught "Featherfall" in one of my classes.
Here's what one of my students did.

  And I liked that class so much that I created an ATC with Featherfall. I'll be sending it to my godmother who's living half-way round' the world in New York.

  I completed this tile with Muniza Askari for the Travelling Tangles Project.
She did the pink and black Yuma. I added the "Breathe" typography" and shading with coloured pencils. It's been a while since I last worked with coloured pencils, so this was good fun.

  More tiles from Travelling Tangles. The ones featuring Singapore Sling are from Kim Arts. The middle one is completed and only needs shading. The tile on the right is a present for a friend who is currently living in London. It still needs some work, plus shading. :)

  And lastly, a page from my sketchbook.
I always start things in my sketchbook and never get around to completing them.
But because I've been out of the house a lot these past few weeks, I've managed to complete more drawings in my sketchbook. Drawing on the train is challenging but fun.
Here, you see Citrus, Cruffle, Salo, Printemps, and lots of Tipple.
  And that's about all I've got for this week. I've been *trying* to participate in weekly Zentangle challenges, but never get around to finishing them in time. However, I think I make up for it by all the other pretty things I do manage to complete. :) I hope you've been inspired. Till' next week. Keep tangling!

Thursday 9 June 2016

planning to plan

  I'm queen of starting-new-projects-but-never-getting-around-to-completing-them... So there's not as many completed projects for you to see this week as I would have liked. But some is better than none, eh?

  My tile for last week's It's a String Thing challenge:
Zinger plus Pixioze.

  Some colourful tiles for the Travelling Tangles Project:

  And some ATCs that I want to swap with others. The green one is going to someone living in California. And as of now, the purple one is still available. Let me know if you'd like to swap an ATC with me. :)

  An update of my June Tanglelendar. This month, I'm trying to focus on official Zentangle® patterns.

  And lastly, here's a tile done during a class that I taught. Featherfall in a circle with some basic shading. I might re-create this idea in a proper Zentangle tile because I like it that much.

  Thanks for dropping in to see what I've been up to this week. I'll see you again next week. :)

Saturday 4 June 2016


  I have been kept really really busy this week with Zentangle classes. It has been a whirlwind of email-sending to confirm classes, keeping track of inventory (because heavens knows how quickly pens run out once you start teaching classes...) and going to and fro places that I teach at.

  I taught a bunch of kids and have again gotten used to the interesting/funny/weird things that children say. It's lovely to be around such creative minds that are so willing to learn whatever you teach them. And I must remind myself, again, of how lucky I am to have found my passion at such a young and have the good fortune of doing what I love every day.

  In one class, I taught "Million Air", a pattern by Staub Korn, a dear Zentangle artist friend of mine.

  Here's my tile that I did back in May, shortly after Staub posted the step-outs to the tangle...

  And here are the tiles of Avan (8 yrs), Huda (9 yrs), Lih Ying (8 yrs), Estelle (14 yrs), and Winnie (9yrs)...
  It's a wonderful tangle to teach to show students the difference shading makes, and I will definitely be teaching it again. You can see the other tiles that the students created via this link. Onwards to tiles I received from the Travelling Tangles project!

Here's what Alice Hendon sent me.

And here is how I completed it.

Another tile! This one was sent to me by Pat Floerke.

And I added lots of organic tangles...
Plus some colours using my Derwent Coloursoft coloured pencils.

  It felt really good to work with coloured pencils again when I've not done so in such a long while... I really like how the colour palette came out. Once again, if you'd like to join an international collaborative Zentangle group, go over to the Travelling Tangles group on Facebook.

  And one last tile done just for fun... Have  I showed it to you before? I can't remember...

  It seems like I've taken a liking to Mooka... And to think that I previously didn't like it.

(You might be interested in: Stephanie's Mooka)

  Thanks for dropping by. I hope you gained some inspiration. I'll see you next week. :)