Friday 15 June 2012

A Homage to Fashion

  For the first time ever, the Louvre will be hosting a catwalk fashion show in its premises. In the past, designers were able to showcase their creations in the museum's courtyard, but the show that happened on the 12th of June, just three days ago, was held on the inside of the building.

  With a 120m long runway, models will adorn the brilliant pieces by Massimiliano Giornetti in the 2013 Resort Collection. Now, I've seen the collection in pictures, and I really like the neutral palette that is used. The frills and organic materials used are also a nice touch, but beyond that, it is a wonderful start to a breakthrough in the fashion world.

  Might I say, though, to the people whom usually come by my blog for the Art, that Fashion is an art form too. Have you seen Fashion Illustrations before? God, they're gorgeous.

A link to a slideshow of the collection can be found here.

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