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Welcome to my blog. Let me introduce myself...
  My name is Stephanie. I'm a visual artist, and I also work under Everything Is Art® as an art teacher. I'm a Certified Zentangle teacher and teach adults and children the Zentangle method. You can learn more about our classes via this link.

  The reason why I started this blog was to have a convenient place to put the works of artists that inspire me into one place. I also wanted to help others with the knowledge in Art I had gathered through the years. Over time, it also became a place for me to share my struggles and successes in art with others. Eventually, I started doing reviews and tutorials as well, and this blog became a place for me to connect to many people all around the world.

  Please note that I am in no way affiliated with any art stores or companies. I do not receive a commission from referring you to them or helping you, but I do try my best to help. If you like, you can comment in a relevant post, or contact me via...

E-mail: (for questions on artsy things) (for business purposes only)

Explanation of the Links in Header Bar:

The Useful Posts are a compilation of links to posts that people most often visit on my site.

  • Prices of Art Materials in Singapore and Art Stores in Singapore are amongst one of my most visited posts.
  • Art Events in Singapore gives you a list of recent art events that I've attended. Some events might still be ongoing, so do check that link out.
  • Try Out Thursday is a segment where I review art products or books.
  • 101 Websites for the Artist is a post I made of all the links I find useful for the general artist.
  • Tutorial Tuesday is exactly what it sounds like.
  • Recommended Artists is a segment where I will feature an artist and show a couple of works by the artist. The link leads you to all the "Recommended Artist" segments I've made.
  • Painting of the Day is a segment where I chose one painting/drawing from an artist and critique it. The link leads you to all the "Painting of the Day" segments I've made.

The Stalk Me tab has links to all the social media platforms I'm connected to.

The Zentangle tab gives you a link to more information on Zentangle classes, a page where you can download free Zentangle calendar pages (I call it a "tanglelendar"), and a link to all the tangle patterns that I've created.

Contact Me. You're on this page right now. And since you're here... Why don't you look around the site for a bit?   ^-^


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    1. I most often use a clutch pencil (with a 2B lead in it) in my videos. I sometimes use a Blackwing pencil whilst teaching classes. :)

  2. Thank you Stephanie. I love your videos.