Friday 19 May 2017

Dingbatz and more

  Here's my entry for this week's Diva Challenge: Stripes.
It's a small, Bijou-sized tile on my sketchbook featuring Trefoil. It's such a pretty tangle.

  Another page in my sketchbook; here's my exploration page of Dingbatz.

  And one last page featuring last week's challenges for Joey (Sand Swirl) and the Diva (Molygon).

Thanks for stopping by.  ^-^

Thursday 18 May 2017

Review and Itinerary of Jurong Bird Park

  I wasn't intending on blogging about this so forgive the lack of pretty pictures. But I had more fun than I expected, so I decided to write about it after.

  I went to the Bird Park last week on a weekday afternoon. I bought tickets through Klook and they included tram passes in the ticket price. Awesome! I think it's really worth it to get the tram tickets so that you can cover more ground more quickly in the park. It's just an extra $5 if you're buying tickets at the park itself and it's worth it cause you don't have to spend time walking under the hot sun for too long.

I went with my husband, and our itinerary was this:
1pm: Reach Jurong Bird Park. Take a tram from Station 1 (near the main entrance) to Station 2 (just outside Lory Loft).

1:30pm: Lory Loft
We fed the parrots at the Lory Loft. The enclosure was wonderful and we made a game of spotting different coloured parrots. After that, we had lunch. We had packed a potato salad, a sandwich, potato chips, and a bottle of cider to eat whilst at the park. The good thing about going to places on weekdays is that most places are not busy so we could easily find a bench to sit on and have our lunch slowly. At about 2:15pm, we took the tram again and headed to the third station.

You can get cups of sugared water by donating to the Bird Park near the entrance of the Lory Loft.

We arrived at the Waterfall Aviary just in time to listen to a staff introduce the different birds within the enclosure. Food for the animals can be bought via a donation amount. We skipped this feeding session as I was afraid of the larger birds.

Look at the bird covered with Tipple!

  Instead, we took a short walk up to one of the viewing point to see the world's tallest man-made waterfall. We spent a while there with no one else beside us at the look out point! How amazing is that!

Here's a selfie of me at the look out point.

Then we had time so we took a short walk to the Breeding and Research Centre. By then it was about 3pm. We watched one of the staffs feed baby birds by hand (it was wonderful) and enjoyed the air-conditioning for a while and sat on a bench to rest our feet. Then off to the penguin enclosure in time for the feeding session. There were two feeding sessions- one outdoor at 3:30pm, and one indoor at 3:45pm.

We stood at the outdoor penguin enclosure and again, there weren't any people there! Just my husband and me, plus two other staffs. I made a small donation and received one glove and a plate of fish. It was wonderful to get to experience feeding penguins. I never knew they had small teeth. My only regret is not getting my husband to take pictures of me feeding the penguins. I can tell people I've fed penguins, now. :)

We took a short walk back to the Hawk Arena (it's actually located next to the Breeding and Research Centre) to watch the Kings of the Skies show. It was a great way to end our day.

  It was, indeed, a little tedious to get to the Bird Park (train transfers and then a bus) but to me, it was well worth it. Remember to put on sunscreen and mosquito repellent, and bring lunch for yourself cause everything in the park is pricey ($3.50 for a bottle of green tea! Gosh!) because it's a tourist attraction. And go on a weekday if you want to experience everything without waiting too long and fighting crowds.