Monday 30 June 2014

Painting of the Day: "Tanya Dziahileva"

"Tanya Dziahileva" by Ler
  I just really like the style of this piece. Skewered view; dual colours; gorgeous portrait. You should definitely check out more of the artist's works via this link.

Friday 27 June 2014

Recommended Artist: Ana Teresa Barboza

  View more of her works via this link.

Wednesday 25 June 2014

Recommended Artist: Brezinski Ilya

  His dotwork is amazingly precise and I am absolutely head over heels with his gorgeous work. His compositions are splendid; the amount of details within each piece is insane; and he's a brilliant tattoo artist.

  View Brezinski's Behance here.

Monday 23 June 2014

Painting of the Day: Lipstick Traces

"Lipstick Stains" by bohomaz13
  I love the red accents in this piece. The sitter's expression; the angle she's facing; the cigarette sitting just on the edge of her lips. I love the detail of the lipstick stain on the cigarette. It's a commentary on how our new generation is so self-absorbed and aloof about everything. How we use things like clothes, and gadgets, drugs and cigarettes to numb what we feel. Where things are part of our express ourselves and we would rather have an identity even if it comes at the cost of our health.

  It also reminded me of a quote; "I'd rather die young. Cause' that way, I'd at least leave a pretty corpse."

  View more of his works via this link.

Thursday 19 June 2014

Painting of the Day: Evening Trees and Birds

"Evening Trees and Birds" by Pete Groves
  Perhaps the reason why I like this painting is because I can relate to it. Like how the bright vivid colours of this painting resonates with the possibilities life has to offer. How when the sun sets, it's a promise that a new day will come again soon. How I am like a tree- growing with time; becoming stronger and more resilient; learning to tide through the darkest of days and nights.

  View more of his works via this link.

Tuesday 17 June 2014

Painting of the Day: Close

"Close" by Ffo
  I like how it resembles Alphonse Mucha's style... I love the bright, pure red hues of the piece... I love the implied symbolism in it. Death and life. Even the poppies are a brilliant choice- a symbol of death and ressurection; in Roman-Greek mythology, poppies were given as offerings to the dead. I also love the details like how the colours of the flowers and hairs are reversed; the ribcage motifs in the background...

  In all, this is a beautiful piece of art and you can purchase it and various other works done by her via her Society6.

Tuesday 10 June 2014

Best of Disney's Maleficent Fan-fic Art Works

  Here are some of the best fan-made art works of Disney's Maleficent.













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Friday 6 June 2014

Painting of the Day: Maleficent

"Maleficent" by Gabriel Picolo
  I watched the  movie "Maleficent" on Monday and Disney did not fail me. It was a gorgeously done film with beautiful character and set design; the backdrops were splendidly breathtaking; and Angelina Jolie was the perfect person to play Maleficent.

  The drawing above by Gabriel Picolo also perfectly captured Maleficent, and I love the addition of Diablo, the crow, in the drawing. I think the crow played quite an important role in the film, being a sort of conscience to Maleficent.

  If you haven't watched "Maleficent", I highly recommend that you do. If you want to see more of Gabriel's works, you can view his Deviantart here.

Wednesday 4 June 2014

Recommended Artist: Clare Brownlow

  I saw some of Clare Brownlow at the Affordable Art Fair 2014, but I couldn't take really nice pictures because they were framed behind glass. However, here is a post on her gorgeously brilliant paintings. They are done using pheasant feathers, apparently. I really like the bright hues used and the movement suggested in each piece. Lovely works.

  View her website here.