Saturday 23 June 2012

My Workspace

  This is my workspace. It's situated in our living room, facing a window whose view is of some sky, a part of a small hill and lots of high-rise buildings. I also have a study room, in which my mum does her day job in. I have my still life set up there and draw there at times too. However, most of the time I'm at my table.
 Here's all the things I have on this small workspace.
That's, of course, my laptop. On which I blog, write, and search for inspiration for my Art. The pink box on the extreme right is my art material box. I store my brushes, watercolors, butcher's tape, and the such in it.

The topmost drawer holds my box of Prismacolors, and carbon paper. The drawer below it holds my clipboards, and sketching materials. The last drawer holds cartridge paper, and colored papers for the occasional birthday card making sessions. The small stack of things behind my laptop are the books I'm currently reading, with a couple of stray papers with my thoughts on things.

Those are my potted plants. A "false heather" plant, which has dainty purple flowers all year round, and the drawers on the extreme right are my trunk of stuff.

Other things, like my cup of water on a coaster, to keep myself hydrated, (lots of people, be them artists or people who work on 9-5 jobs, forget to hydrate themselves around the clock.) and an extra storage box underneath my table. (You can never have enough storage. Although this one is mostly empty.) The spooky shadow to the right atop my table is actually a globe, which I very much like. :)

And the papers clipped to my rows of curtain actually act as my billboard for my thoughts, research, timetable, and a list of art projects that I'm hoping to do soon.

As I've said, I store my cartridge paper in one of my drawers, so I just take a piece of paper out, write what I need to on it, take a paper clip and clip the edges of the paper to my curtains, and voila!
Instant billboard.

It's convenient because it doesn't take desk space, (like a calender would) and it isn't permanent. (I don't have to drill any holes into the wall, and I still can easily change the content on it.)

That's my workspace.
How about yours? How does yours look like? How large an area is it?
Leave me your comments in the comment section. :)

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