Wednesday 6 June 2012

Recommended Artist: Denise Garner

  Denise Garner– she's a brilliant artist, and her watercolors sing in harmony.

From "The Seasons" series, "Summer" 8" by 10"

Medical Legends, "Fare Thee Well" 11" by 14"

"Dragonskins" 11" by 11"

  I like "Dragonskins" best. However, the picture that shows on her website looks slightly different than the one that is in the book that I found her through. ("Fantasy Art Now") In the book, the background looks more of a raw sienna. Her clothes are also of warm browns instead of blue, but that just might be color correction issues. Denise Garner states in the book, Fantasy Art Now, "... The purpose of the painting was to experiment with various textures, and to juxtapose the feminine with the somewhat violent."

Her website contains more of her works.


  1. Denise is a she...

    1. Thank you for pointing out the mistake. The error has been amended. :)