Saturday 27 April 2019

Ain't about that ba-bling, ba-bling

  Debbie New and I are selling collar charms! They're a simple, elegant accessory for your pet's collar and are made with heavy duty stainless surgical steel components. The gemstone itself is electroplated glass and comes in ten different colours. Each charm also comes with a jump ring (select from two sizes 15mm or 16mm).

  If you'd like to see the colours (and perhaps place an order), you can visit this link.

  Onwards to other tangle-y things. I created a series of feather art works as examples for the last weekly class of this month. I might teach this as a stand-alone class sometime in the future.... With the whole process of creating the watercolour backgrounds, the feathers, and shading.

  I've also been toying with the idea of using flowers in my Zentangle art. Here's the first:

  Some more watercolour tiles, with gemstones...

  And some flower-y tangles...

  As always, if you create something similar to what I've done, I would absolutely LOVE to see it. Tag me in things that you post. I'm havepen_willdraw on Instagram.

  Much love till' next time.

Friday 26 April 2019

Step-Outs to Lola

  "Lola" stands for "Lots of Love, Always". It's also a nickname for "Charlotte". So yes, it was a tangle that I named after my daughter, Charlotte. :)

  I know there are pencil guides in the step-outs, but you can definitely draw Lola without the guides... It's just that it's easier to have Lola fit into a shape with the pencil guides.

  When I create more tiles with this tangle and post them to my blog, they will be found here.

  If you use this tangle to create something, tag me in your post. It makes me so happy to see other people's creations. You can find me on Instagram @havepen_willdraw. Happy tangling!

Saturday 20 April 2019

A hoard of swaps.

  Alrighty! I'm back, just as I promised... With another post filled with inspiration.

  And please, if you create something similar to what I've done, I would absolutely LOVE to see it. Tag me in things that you post. I'm havepen_willdraw on Instagram.

  I love doing this "white-out" method, where you draw the tangles and then colour the background with watercolours/coloured pencils to make it seem like your tangles are coloured white... It's such a cool effect that is so easy to do.

  A tiny Bijou as a warm up for the day.

  Watercolour on a Zendala. The gemstone and shading was done using Derwent Coloursoft coloured pencils.

And onwards to some Travelling Tangles Project tiles. Here's a tile sent by Janet Day. She did the background colours and the flower. I added a Bijou tile in the background a-la Debbie New's "Whatz-Itz" method. More shading and colours were added with a mix of watercolours and coloured pencils.

  This one was an orange tile sent in from Sabrina. I added some flowers (whose name I forgot) and gold paint.

From ├ůsa Vading. The background was done using distressed inks. Then Asa added “Birds on a Wire” and “Henna Drum”.

I auraed what she drew, then added “Lanie” to the ribbon and “Diva Dance Rock and Roll Simplified” to the background. I finished it all by adding shading with Polychromos coloured pencils.

Really happy with how this turned out.

  I don't have the before picture to this tile, but Kat van Rooyen drew the Rixty and I finished the rest using Debbie New's "Whatz-Itz" method... I'm not sure about the colour scheme but it's always great to try new things.

  And finally, a 3Z tile from Debbie New herself. She did the background colours; I added the rest. 3Zs are so tiny! You add one or two tangles, and that's all the space there is. hahaha. Shading was done using Polychromos coloured pencils.

  Fantastic week, it's been.

  Maybe I'll see you again next week, too?

Wednesday 17 April 2019

Workshop at Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School

  On the 22nd of March 2019, Samantha Lee and I taught a workshop to the teachers and staffs at Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School. The theme of their event was "Collaboration", so we tried to tie that theme into the class mosaic by having each tile have a quarter circle as its string.

  Here are some pictures from the day.

  Everyone concentrating on their tangles...

  Answering some questions...

  And here's what the class mosaic looked like in the end!

  Such beauties.

  Many thanks to Samantha for the pictures of me teaching, and for partnering with me to make this workshop a possibility.

  If you're interested for me to teach a Zentangle workshop for your company/school, do take a look at this page:

Sunday 14 April 2019

I use a lot of pinks, don't I?

  A little picture dump of the pretty things I've created lately.

  This one was done on pastel paper... I added a border, then filled the inside of the border with watercolour. I then added texture to the flat wash with some coloured pencils. Really love the variety of gradients on it.

  An atlas-y Zendala.

  And I did two more embedded Chinese characters. This one says "fortune".

  This one is what Chinese ink artist would describe as "messy strokes" method of writing. (It's an actual style!) It is the traditional character for "friendship".

  Lately, I've enjoyed doing a series of different art works using the same tangles... Here's Hamadox, Sez/Pixioze, and Luv-a.

  And here's a series of Marasu.

  This one was a "homework" for one of my weekly classes.

  And here are some Travelling Tangles tiles.

  Sent to me from Kristi Berg, this one was from June 2018. Hahaha. You know, this was one of those tiles that was really beautiful... so much so that I didn’t want to spoil it. So it just sat in my stash until finally it spoke to me.

  I mirrored what Kristi had drawn, then added Diva Dance Rock and Roll Simplified as the background. Finished everything with shading, and then added some gold detail as an aura, and also around the entire edge of the tile.

  Really like the gold detail. Might use that idea again for another tile.

  A lovely tile from Yvette Campbell. The tile was blank, but it had a very interesting texture and had leaves embedded in it. Took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to do with it. I added Arukas and Crescent Moon, and then did a light watercolour wash in the background.

  That's about all I have for this week. I have another post schedule for next week, so I'll see you then. ;)

Thursday 11 April 2019

Stick your tongue out. :p

  Yep. You've guessed it. Another picture dump of my cutie patootie, Charlotte.

  Here's one with my mum. Look at her tiny feet. hehe

  And one with Debbie New. She is the potato's godmother.

  I love her tiny lips.

  Can pose, some more. Vain or not, you tell me.