Monday 4 June 2012

Book Review: Cool Croc

  "Cool Croc" is a book featuring a compilation of green-oriented cartoon strips by Cheah. The comic features Billy, an Aborginal boy, and his salt water crocodile friend, Saltie.
  Join Billy and Saltie in their daily adventures as they tackle issues on life, wildlife, and the environment, with a good dash of humor and wit in the tropical waters, mangrove, swamps, and rainforests of northern Australia and Southeast Asia. It's 119 pages filled with many interesting characters, fun and humor, done by the ever witty Cheah, who hails from the northern state of Kelantan in Malaysia.

Going at just SGD$13.90 per copy, it's a great book filled with well-drawn animation. To order, simply contact Cheah at

  You can also visit Cheah's website at:

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