Wednesday 30 October 2013

Global Art Singapore @ Sengkang

  Global Art Singapore is a group whose main purpose is to provide a systematic yet straightforward approach of teaching art to children. The Global Art & Creative Program is a complete and systematic program designed to encourage students to develop their artistic skills, broaden their creative thinking, and deepen their interest in art.

  Their system mainly deals with bringing out creative talent in children. Their syllabus is designed to gradually instill visualisation, comprehension and experimentation with different subjects, backgrounds, colors and overall compositions to create a completed artwork.

  After each book, your child receives a certificate of attendance. Global Art also hosts yearly art competitions.

  There are many different branches of Global Art around Singapore, but the one that I'd like to highlight today is the Sengkang branch that's located at 11 Rivervale Crescent, #02-04A, Rivervale Mall, Singapore 545082.

  Check out their website to see more of the students' art works and to learn more about their courses. Link:

  Here are some of the works that the kids at Sengkang Global Art have created:
(above: Foundation/Basic level drawings)

(above: Advanced level drawings)

  The Sengkang branch also has a free trial class programme in place, whereby your child is tasked with colouring a simple drawing to gauge how efficient he/she is at drawing and colouring so that the teachers may see how good they are at art.

  So if you'd like to enroll your kid into an art class, or if you're looking for a recognised art school to learn art at, consider Global Art.

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Monday 28 October 2013

Recommended Artist: Matt W. Moore

Murals by Matt W. Moore

  There are plenty more gorgeous works done by Matt W. Moore, and you can view them via this link.

Friday 25 October 2013

Painting of the Day: Prints

"Prints" by Christina Novachuk
  I love the abstract line work on this piece. And the subtle gradation to it is just splendid. The simplicity of black and white. Line on paper. The rounded edge is also a nice touch.

  View her Behance via this link.

Monday 21 October 2013

When Life Gets A Little Busy...

   So it has been quite busy for me these few days...

  For one, I have a job right now. Not a 9-5 job, no. My schedule is a little more hectic than that. But I get a day off every Monday. Yes, it's an art related job- as an art instructor for kiddos. I also have to do some admin related stuff but I'm not going to go into too much details.

  Point is, I don't know how everything will work out; with me working while still finding time to study my Maths, to draw, to spend time with my loved ones, and to update this blog... But I will sort out my schedule and things will eventually fall into place.

  As always, my inbox is still open to questions/e-mails with regards to Art. And I'll still reply all your comments on this blog. :)

  Secondly; An update on the artsy things I've been doing lately.

  I did a new logo for an app called "Squigur".

  I'm also currently working on a drawing of a tiger in coloured pencil. I'm trying Bristol Board as a support again. There were some scratches on the paper, but I used some Q-tips to dab some water on the dents and after the water dried, the paper was fine again. So that's something I found I liked about the paper. I'm not going to post any pictures of this project just yet, cause it's going through the ugly stage.

  I bought a portable easel, a bottle of Krylon Archival (matte) spray varnish, a Rotring 0.5 pen, and a really cool sketchbook from DAISO recently, and I was hoping to make a product review sometime soon. So look out for that.

  If you'd like to see more of my art, visit my website

Monday 14 October 2013

Painting of the Day: "The Future of Tomorrow"

"The Future of Tomorrow" by Leslie Helena Evans

  This is a gorgeous coloured pencil work by Leslie Helena Evans, and I am completely astounded by the amount of details in it.

  The painting itself reminded me of a story I once wrote; about a pig named "Pog"...

  Pog thought he was a puppy, because he was adopted by a dog when he was little. Later on, he met a duck named Gilbert, who told him that he wasn't a puppy.
"Pog is a very fitting name for a pig." the yellow animal replies.
"I beg your pardon?"
"Pog." the animal repeats. "It's a very fitting name for a pig."
Pog frowns.
"Well, you are a pig, now, aren't you?"
Pog shakes his head. "No, I'm a puppy."
"My word, but aren't you confused." Gilbert. "Just as true as I'm a duck, you're a pig."
  We grow up believing in the labels that people attach to us. We grow up believing that we're meant to do something or be something, just because other people expect us to be that way... But if you're not happy doing what you're doing then you've got to change.

  Change the way you live. Change the decisions you make. Change the place you live in. Change the foods you eat, the people you meet, the books you read, the movies you watch...

  Change is the only constant– isn't that what we're taught in Science. And with every tomorrow there is a promise. A promise of new possibilities. A promise of new coincidences. A promise of new choices. A promise of a new future. A future of tomorrow.

Tuesday 8 October 2013

Painting of the Day: Cube Light

"Cube Light" by Ai Wei Wei

  I don't usually take a liking to instillation art but this piece spoke to me. I think it connected with me in a symbolic sense... That the cube represented a human, and up close we are shards of glass- broken. But when we let our inner light shine, our imperfections become less important and people see us for who we are- beautiful and unique.