Saturday 16 March 2013

101 Websites for Artists: The Master List

  This is not a 100% inclusive list. I will be updating this list frequently as I find more and more websites that I can include. My hopes are that this list will become the ultimate reference list for artists while still being easy to navigate. *fingers crossed* I hope I do a good job. Do check back once in a while, and don't forget to bookmark this page for future reference.

  In an attempt to keep the list streamline, I will list what all the links link to with a header, but will not include description of each link. I trust that you, dear reader, are intelligent enough to figure out how to navigate each site. I aim to keep the list valuable to all types of artists, so do click on every link to see where it leads to.

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  If you know of a better way to list everything, or if you have a link you think worthy of adding to the list, I wouldn't mind hearing about it via or in the comments section below. Anonymous commenting is enabled.

Free Image References:

Online Image Editor:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Different Mediums:
Colored Pencils
Drawing and Sketching
Pen and Ink

Palette Picker:

Fun Online Sketching Softwares:

Tumblr Sphere:

I hope you've found this page valuable, and would love to hear from you if you have a link (or links) to add to this page. Again, you can reach me at: < >

Last updated: 19th Oct. 2017


  1. Hi - a few of the links no longer work such as the colored pencil & best affordable art supplies. Thanks!

    1. Thank you very much for pointing that out. Colored Pencil Studio used to be one of the best websites for info on CPs... I wonder what happened to them... :/ I shall be updating the list soon. :)

  2. Note to all: I've found a fixed link for already. It's a cached version of the site, but as of this writing, it's the best I can do because the site is currently down.

    I hope this helps anyone who's looking for comprehensive comparison across colored pencil brands. :)


  3. hi Stephanie Jennifer, I wanna know if you're familiar with art galleries in Singapore where hobbyists can post their work. I've been looking for galleries who accept portfolios and who have regular exhibitions. :) most of the ones I saw on google are featuring big-time artists. your feedback will be highly appreciated. :)

    1. Hello and thank you for your comment.

      You're going to need a pretty decent portfolio and body of work first before approaching any galleries. Having things like a website and a namecard will greatly help. You also need to know how most galleries work- they usually represent certain artists and have contracts with them. And each gallery will only accept a certain number of artists to represent each year. You'll need to be creating something that is aligned with their views and goals, and with their current pool of clientele. You might be an amazing artist, but if you're doing watercolors and most of their clients buy oil paintings, your chances of them choosing you is greatly reduced.

      Luck plays a big role in all this. It's about getting to know the right people to like the works you're currently making. Galleries need to earn a living too, so they need to be able to anticipate that your works will sell.

      Also know that you are up against big names in the art world, and that there are other full time artists that want to reach that fame too. Put it this way; my job is art. I make art on a regular basis and have more practice because my livelihood depends on this. I also dedicate a whole chunk of my time to marketing myself and networking. You do this as a hobby. Which of us has the higher likelihood of getting into a gallery..?
      I'm not saying it's impossible. I'm saying it's difficult to get into a gallery because the odds are against you.

      Now, as for what you can do; you can find venues to exhibit on your own. There *are* venues available, but you'll need to fork out some money for that. They might provide you with their own pool of clientele. You'll need to source around for that.

      You might join international competitions for exposure and also experience.

      You might decide to sell your own art works online. That is much easier and also much more beneficial for a hobbyist. Did you know galleries take anywhere from 40% to 70% of the sale price?

      I could say more about the art world, but I think this is getting too long.... Oh, and how did I know all this..? I followed my dad to galleries and I watched him network. I visited exhibitions and gallery openings. He was crazy good- no lie. . We never got replies from galleries, though. That's how tough it was.

      It's not easy. But nothing in life is easy. And if you're passionate about it, then you'll find ways to do it. It's all about how badly you want it and how you go about reaching what you want. E-mail me if you have any other questions. I'll help you in whatever ways I can.