Wednesday 27 July 2016

drawing outside the tile

  If you dropped by last week, then hello again~ Remember I created two watercolour flowers? I completed the pink one this week.

With some Tripoli in pink and purple. I'm not sure whether I should fill the entire paper with Tripolis or leave it as it is... Any thoughts on the matter? Let me know in the comments section below. :)

  In other news, I also posted new videos onto my YouTube channel. You can view my channel via this link.

  For Diva's challenge, I did a tile in my sketchbook.

  Here's how the full page looks like. I'm trying out this new thing where I extend the tangles out of their "tiles", and also try to connect different "tiles" together by entwining their tangles together. It takes some planning, but it's lots of fun.
I've discovered that one of my tangles, Naida, works really well as a leaf.
Step-outs to it via this link.

  Here's another page in my sketchbook. It's a W2 labyrinth. The idea is by Staub Korn. I shaded it with three different purple coloured pencils.

  And here's my submission for Joey's challenge.

  Lastly, here are some tiles I completed for Travelling Tangles.
June Dalde sent in all these pretty things. 

  And I finished the first tile. I actually really like that fern thing. It reminds me of Verdigogh, but without all the layering (although I'm quite sure if you had the patience, you definitely could layer the fern's leaves too). I added some colours to it with Prismacolor coloured pencils.

  And here's another tile... This one was sent from Franciose Lip. Unfortunately, I don't have a "before" picture. She did the pretty pink background, and the Flux on the bottom right; I added the Flux at the top left, and CC in the background.
The tangle "CC" is really starting to grow on me. I've used it in four different works just this week alone... I might have to teach it in one of my classes soon.

  As always, thank you for dropping by. Reading comments really brings a smile to my face, and suggestions are always appreciated. Until next week... Keep tangling!

Thursday 21 July 2016

blues, pinks, and tangles

  It's been a splendid week so far. And now that I'm feeling better (as compared to how ill I was last week), I could get lots more art done this week.

I did this watercolour flowers, and will add tangles to them soon.

  I'm also planning new Zentangle-inspired craft classes to teach.
Like these pins.
(Also note that the background of this picture is actually my uncompleted Tanglelendar.)

And this very beautiful shell pendant. I'm going to be tangling on it.

  I visited the Peranakan museum yesterday. I've been there before, but there's a special exhibition on beadwork happening currently. The exhibition was wonderful. I feel so much more inspired today.
Obligatory selfie from the museum.

   I received gifts in the mail from Janine Barash. Here's just two of the many tiles she sent me.
She also sent me a hand-made bookmark with the quote that said, "We come spinning out of nothingness, scattering stars like dust." I really like that quote.

  Onwards to tangling that *I've* done...
Zendala done just for fun. I partially regret adding that "Afterglo" to the middle of the tile.... I feel it's a little too heavy.

  For Diva's challenge, I completed this page in my sketchbook. The pattern in the middle of the circle was done whilst on a train ride. The trains in Singapore aren't like the ones in America or European countries... It's a much smoother ride, over much shorter distances. Singapore is, after all, just an island. By train, it takes just slightly over an hour to travel from one end to the other end of the country!
I was wondering whether I should add shading to the Fugu (the pattern on the outside part of the circle) or maybe add Tipple? Or does it look good as it is? I'd love to hear your thoughts on the matter in the comments section below.

  Lastly, something from the Travelling Tangles Project. A tile from Kat Von Rooyen got smudged in transit. :( But instead of calling it a tragedy, I channeled some inner Zen and thought about how to turn it into an opportunity for something new. I briefly considered taking the easy way out and just inking a band of black over the smudges.. But no. I wanted to try harder than that.

  Instead, I turned it into a garden.
Also featuring my version of Mooka. Get more ideas via this link.

  If you'd like to join a global collaborative Zentangle project, do pop over the Travelling Tangles' Facebook page. Even if you don't want to swap and only want to see all the pretty things others have created... It's a wonderful group.

Thursday 14 July 2016

flowers in bloom

  I told you I was ill last week, and it persisted until the start of this week... So I had a lot of bed rest, and not much drawing time. But all is well now, so I'll probably have more things to show you next week. For now, here are some pretty things I've created so far:

For Travelling Tangles...
With Sarah Jane Sexton.

With Janet Shillam-Day.
The pattern in the middle is called "Quiltz" and I struggled so much to shade it. But I'm very pleased with how it turned out. :)

  I created another "Draw With Me" video. This time featuring one of my own tangles, "Jonee".

  And here's a tile I did just for fun:

  And I created this postcard, too:
It's been a while since I last did something that looked realistic and in a traditional method.
Done with pen and ink, and watercolours. I really like how the colours turned out!

  And that's about it for this week. I've almost completed my sketchbook and I'm planning on doing another flip-through video soon. Plus, I have more "Draw With Me" videos planned. I'm excited, and I hope you are, too.  ^-^

Wednesday 6 July 2016

down with the sniffles

  I'm down with a slight fever, splitting headache, and a runny nose... So I'm going to keep this post short.

  Last week, I introduced "Pog the pig" to my students. He's a ceramic piggy bank I got for $2 and then tangled on with an Identipen. The tangles are starting to wear out a little so I was thinking of using a sealant to seal the ink.

  If you know any sealant brands that work well with ceramic, let me know in the comments section below.

Original pig.

I made his eyes bigger so he'll be more cute.

Everyone loves the swirly tail. hehehe

Really simple Zendala on the side.

  Here's my submission for Joey's challenge. Featuring Girdy. I added cool shading to it.

  And here's my submission for Diva's challenge. Featuring colours of my country's flag- red and white, and one of my own tangles; Singapore Sling. I added some colloured pencils to the background, too.

  And as always, here are some tiles I completed for the Travelling Tangles Project.
A tile from Shawna Martin. I added Zonked on the top left. I love Zonked. It's so dramatic.

Tile done with Debra Huff. I did the background.

I'm really proud of this one.
Done with Marguerite Samama.

  In other news, I got my braces removed. Woohoo!

  And lastly, here's a pouch that one of my students did. She's twelve years old only! I'm beyond proud of her.