Saturday, 8 July 2017

sketchbook pages

  Let's kick it off with a tile I did as a Draw With Me video. I really am growing to love my Tombow markers. Featuring Abeko, a hit of Flukes, and Fe-Ba in the background.

  For this week's challenge, Diva (home) and Joey (a star string). I decided to combine them in a tile that features my tangle, Singapore Sling. That's as home-y as I can get. I literally used a tangle that has my home-country's name in it. hahaha If you'd like to learn how to draw it, you can click here.
At the bottom of the page, I did a tile for "Zentangle: Tangled & Journaled, Too!" group on Facebook. They're doing a summer project and even though we don't get a summer break in Singapore, I am following along on the prompts.

  Here's another page. It's not complete yet, but I really like how the gemstone turned out. It was done using Tombow markers, too.

  And here's one more page, in full black and white.


Friday, 30 June 2017

String for Travelling Tangles Project (August 2017)

  For those of you who are not part of the Travelling Tangles Project on Facebook, I highly recommend joining it even if you'd just like to look at the pretty art works on it. Click here to view the group.

  For those of you who came to this post from the group... Here's the string to use for the month of August:

  It's meant to look like a peach from up close, and it has a little leaf attached to it. :) I will remind you that strings are meant to be a guide, not a rule. If you'd prefer to disregard certain parts of the given string, or if you'd like to add a few extra curves/lines, go right ahead.

  Have fun!

Thursday, 29 June 2017

where flowers bloom, so does hope

  I've been really crazy about my Tombow markers lately.   If you live in Singapore, I supply Tombow markers! Find out more via this link:

  Here's an ATC tile I did for the Travelling Tangles Project with Michele Wynne.
String Rose with Flux around it, Yin-Cut in the background, and some Diva Dance Rock and Roll Simplified.

  And another ATC! This one was just done for fun. I tried to copy the colour scheme that Michele uses. Featuring "My Swing".

  And here's my entry for this week's Diva and Joey challenge. Featuring "Aquafleur" and "Zonked". Here's the initial background that I did with Tombow markers:

  And here's the finished tile with shading (still done with the Tombow markers) and highlight (done with a Uni-ball Signo Broad pen).

  If you haven't heard yet, I'm part of an eight teacher team of artists that will be teaching an online course titled "The Black & White Journal: A Minimal Approach to Artful Journaling". There will be some live lessons (with replays of those lessons), and some pre-recorded lessons. All the teachers will be a part of a Facebook group that will be created specifically for this course. In the Facebook group, you will be able to connect with other students, ask questions, and get feedback on the things you draw and create. :) It'd be so much fun, I'm sure you'll learn something new.

  It's also your last chance to get an early-bird special. It ends on the last day of this month. Find out more about the other teachers that will be teaching the course via this link: (And sign up if you'd like to be a part of it!)

  In my part of the course, I will be teaching you how to merge tangles in your sketchbook to create more complex and interesting pages. Here's the final product that you'll get from my class:

  Tangling AND shading will be taught. Other things that the other teachers will be teaching in the course include learning how to make your own journal, gesture sketching, stamp making, and other tangling fun. I hope you'll join us.​

  And until next time, keep tangling~

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Giveaway: The Black and White Journal

  If you haven't heard yet, I'm part of an eight teacher team of artists that will be teaching an online course titled "The Black & White Journal: A Minimal Approach to Artful Journaling". There will be some live lessons (with replays of those lessons), and some pre-recorded lessons. All the teachers will be a part of a Facebook group that will be created specifically for this course. In the Facebook group, you will be able to connect with other students, ask questions, and get feedback on the things you draw and create. :) It'd be so much fun, I'm sure you'll learn something new.

  As a way for me to say "thank you" to you for your continued support through all of my artistic endeavours, I am giving away one free seat to this course. It is open to everyone, no matter where you live. :) Entering the giveaway is also really simple! You just need to let me know why you'd like to win this giveaway. That's it.

  I feel so blessed to be able to do what I love for a living. It's been just shy of two years since my company, Everything Is Art became a reality, and it's been a crazy awesome journey so far. Thank you for being a part of it. I'm ever grateful for the opportunities I've been given so far, the wonderful people I've met and taught, the happy memories I've made... and I can't wait to see what the coming years will bring.

Friday, 23 June 2017

heARTland project

  We had our last workshop for Bukit Batok East Community Centre. The idea is that over three workshops, residents from Bukit Batok East would come together to create a large 4m by 1m (13 feet by 3 feet) community art work to be displayed at an art fiesta happening in July. The event is called "heARTland" (how cute) and will be held near Toh Guan Park RC. 

  Here's the last workshop: 
I'm really tall cause' I'm standing on a chair.

If you'd like to see close-ups of each of the canvases, you can do so on Everything Is Art's Facebook page right here.

  In other news; I'm part of an eight teacher team that will be teaching an online journal course. In my video, I will teaching you how to merge tangles together. Here's the final outcome that you'll get.

  There's an early bird special if you sign up before 1st of July 2017. If this sounds like something that you'll be interested in, click on this link to find out more:

  On to weekly challenges... Joey's tangle for this week was "Yuma", so here's my tile for it.

  So I decided to use the same tangle to complete Diva's challenge: drawing with your opposite hand. I wasn't really nervous... Didn't really have any expectations on how things would turn out... I have never drawn with my non-dominant hand, though, so this was new. I just went with the flow. I did this tile first before the one for Joey's challenge. Doing this made me understand what some people whom I teach Zentangle workshops to mean when they say "my hand isn't listening to my brain". I don't feel terrible about the outcome. It was a good experience. I think when you let go of any expectations of what your drawing should look like, you'll have fun no matter what. :)

Finally, here's a personal project that I just completed. I made all the tiles entirely using Tombow markers (from the backgrounds, to the tangles, to the shading). If you're located in Singapore, you can buy Tombow markers from here.

  Thanks for dropping by. I hope I inspired you somehow. ^-^

Thursday, 22 June 2017

catching up

  Here's the second workshop that we had for the collaborative art work to be completed for Bukit Batok East CC.

  It was truly so much fun.

  I'm playing catch-up for weekly challenges. I've been distracted by the Summer project under "Zentangle: Tangled & Journaled, Too!" on Facebook. I've also did personal projects, namely; two small canvases for my living room. They were done using Identi pens, with highlights added using a Signo Broad pen. The gold of the canvas comes from a spray. I did this first one on my own.

The edges have Diva Dance Waltz on it.
  And then did this pink one whilst teaching my niece to do a gold one on her own. We had a great time. The pink was done with neon acrylic paint.

  Here's what my 7 year-old niece did.

  In other news, I will be teaching my first online course. I will be teaching alongside seven other teachers. In my video, you will learn how to merge tangles together. I will be posting a picture of what you'll learn in another post really soon. Until then, there is an early bird special going on and the price of the course is discounted. So if you'd like to check it out, you can visit it via this link to find out more.

  Thanks for dropping by. I hope to see you again soon. :)

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Go big or go home.

  My mum, Joni, and I had a workshop at Bukit Batok Zone 3 RC. We are in the process of creating a large 4m by 1m (13 feet by 3 feet) community art work. The purpose of the project is to get more people to find out about the Zentangle method, and also to create an art work that can be displayed at an art fiesta that Bukit Batok East Community Centre will hold in July.

  This was the first of three workshops that we will hold in June for Bukit Batok East Community Centre. I prepped the four canvases by painting hearts in neon pink acrylic paint. The idea was that the participants would learn a few patterns in each workshop and add them to the white areas on the canvases. Here's the progress so far:
Joni is on the left-most. I'm the tallest in the photo. heh heh heh

Look at my cute apron.

Trying to build the confidence of the participants.
"There are no mistakes," we say.

  On that note, I wanted to show you a page from one of our students, Connie. We taught "Garlic Coves" re-imagined, and she completed the page this way. How wonderful.

  Here's my tile for last week's Diva (diptych) and Joey (Vano) Challenge combined. I recently got a full set of Tombow markers and decided to add shading with them. They're water-based so they don't have that strong smell that alcohol-based markers usually have, which is great. I've been loving them so far.
Vano and my version of Diva Dance Rock and Roll.

  Thanks for stopping by. I hope you've been inspired. :) Until next week, keep tangling!

Friday, 19 May 2017

Dingbatz and more

  Here's my entry for this week's Diva Challenge: Stripes.
It's a small, Bijou-sized tile on my sketchbook featuring Trefoil. It's such a pretty tangle.

  Another page in my sketchbook; here's my exploration page of Dingbatz.

  And one last page featuring last week's challenges for Joey (Sand Swirl) and the Diva (Molygon).

Thanks for stopping by.  ^-^

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Review and Itinerary of Jurong Bird Park

  I wasn't intending on blogging about this so forgive the lack of pretty pictures. But I had more fun than I expected, so I decided to write about it after.

  I went to the Bird Park last week on a weekday afternoon. I bought tickets through Klook and they included tram passes in the ticket price. Awesome! I think it's really worth it to get the tram tickets so that you can cover more ground more quickly in the park. It's just an extra $5 if you're buying tickets at the park itself and it's worth it cause you don't have to spend time walking under the hot sun for too long.

I went with my husband, and our itinerary was this:
1pm: Reach Jurong Bird Park. Take a tram from Station 1 (near the main entrance) to Station 2 (just outside Lory Loft).

1:30pm: Lory Loft
We fed the parrots at the Lory Loft. The enclosure was wonderful and we made a game of spotting different coloured parrots. After that, we had lunch. We had packed a potato salad, a sandwich, potato chips, and a bottle of cider to eat whilst at the park. The good thing about going to places on weekdays is that most places are not busy so we could easily find a bench to sit on and have our lunch slowly. At about 2:15pm, we took the tram again and headed to the third station.

You can get cups of sugared water by donating to the Bird Park near the entrance of the Lory Loft.

We arrived at the Waterfall Aviary just in time to listen to a staff introduce the different birds within the enclosure. Food for the animals can be bought via a donation amount. We skipped this feeding session as I was afraid of the larger birds.

Look at the bird covered with Tipple!

  Instead, we took a short walk up to one of the viewing point to see the world's tallest man-made waterfall. We spent a while there with no one else beside us at the look out point! How amazing is that!


Here's a selfie of me at the look out point.

Then we had time so we took a short walk to the Breeding and Research Centre. By then it was about 3pm. We watched one of the staffs feed baby birds by hand (it was wonderful) and enjoyed the air-conditioning for a while and sat on a bench to rest our feet. Then off to the penguin enclosure in time for the feeding session. There were two feeding sessions- one outdoor at 3:30pm, and one indoor at 3:45pm.

We stood at the outdoor penguin enclosure and again, there weren't any people there! Just my husband and me, plus two other staffs. I made a small donation and received one glove and a plate of fish. It was wonderful to get to experience feeding penguins. I never knew they had small teeth. My only regret is not getting my husband to take pictures of me feeding the penguins. I can tell people I've fed penguins, now. :)

We took a short walk back to the Hawk Arena (it's actually located next to the Breeding and Research Centre) to watch the Kings of the Skies show. It was a great way to end our day.

  It was, indeed, a little tedious to get to the Bird Park (train transfers and then a bus) but to me, it was well worth it. Remember to put on sunscreen and mosquito repellent, and bring lunch for yourself cause everything in the park is pricey ($3.50 for a bottle of green tea! Gosh!) because it's a tourist attraction. And go on a weekday if you want to experience everything without waiting too long and fighting crowds.

Friday, 24 February 2017

Art Studio & Gallery at Eastpoint Mall

I recently found a new art store. It's called "Art Studio & Gallery" and is located at Eastpoint Mall's #02-28. They have two other stores located at Bugis and Bedok Mall. They open from 11am to 9.30pm. You may also contact them at 6538 9916.

  I do believe that they have art jamming sessions because there was a dedicated space for seats and tables, and some finished drawings were on the tables. They also offer tutored lessons with personalised guidance based on your chosen medium, art style, and artistic standard.

  They carry the brand Potentate, and also sell Renoir coloured pencils.. coloured versions of Sakura Micron pens and also brush type Microns (which Art Friend doesn't carry). Koi Brush pens, and Winsor & Newton brushmarkers are also available.

  They sell oils and acrylics by Pebeo, a variety of brushes, a variety of sketchbooks, markers, pencils.... and most charmingly, they sell busts too.

Bristol paper!

When pay-day comes, I shall be purchasing one of these to try, just to see how they compare with the ones Art Friend sells.

A sketchbook filled with Kraft paper. Cool!
But there wasn't a price on it, and I was scared to ask. hahaha

  All in all, it was a decent art store. It was filled with brands that I wasn't familiar with, and I'm sure I'd have a great time trying out some new products. Maybe you'll get to see some product reviews next month. ;)  We'll see.