Sunday, 22 October 2017


  #ANTSinSINGAPORE is South African artist Lorraine Loots’ first solo show in Asia. The exhibition will showcase one hundred of the artist’s prints from her Potluck 100 | Paintings for Ants series, as well as five original paintings made just for her Singapore exhibition.

  Visitors can look forward to paintings from four different themes: ‘Microcosm Mondays’ features impressive watercolour paintings of galaxies and nebulas; ‘Tiny Tuesdays’ presents vintage book covers in minute detail; ‘Fursdays’ is a collection of animal paintings; and ‘Free Fridays’ lets Loots go wild with her paintbrush.

  The exhibition is being held in K+ located inside Scotts Square, and ends on the 29th of October 2017. So do drop by soon if you're in the Orchard area. It's well worth the visit.

They provided magnifying glasses for viewers.

Tiny galaxies!

Teeny tiny circle featuring one of my favourite from her works.

Zooming in with the magnifying glass...

"To Kill a Mockingbird". Look at the details!

  Her exhibition was an absolute joy to visit. If you really take the time to look through the art works, you'll notice tiny details that pictures on her Instagram don't often show. I loved the minimalistic frames, the way the art works were grouped, and the amount of space visitors had to explore the art works. The magnifying glasses were a great touch to the exhibition.

  I didn't take more pictures so that you'll still have an element of surprise when you visit the exhibition. It's happening at K+ in Scotts Square, till' the 29th of October 2017.

Friday, 13 October 2017

to the click of my heart

  Here's my tile for the fourth day of #InktoberTangles. Featuring Diva Dance Waltz and Aquafleur. I saw a tile done by a CZT where she drew Aquafleur in this way and I knew I absolutely had to draw it this way, too. I used Tombow markers for the colours.

  And here's my tile for this week of Joey's challenge, featuring Poke Leaf:

  The lower left corner of the tile was actually an oopsie... I tried something that didn't work out so I just drew over the entire area with black ink and added Printemps in silver Uni-ball pen.

  And here's the nine tiles that I've drew for her challenges over the past nine weeks:

  I'm completely thrilled with how it turned out! I tried to have each tile have its own personality but work together as a whole drawing, too.

  And here's my tile for Diva's challenge, featuring Striping. The little secret is that this was done in a page in my sketchbook. And what happened was that I messed up.... I was drawing a beautiful Waybop and having a good time, and then I made a bad decision that I really REALLY didn't like. So I just... I just decided to glue a white tile over the oops. haha

  But it fixed it, though. I absolutely love the colours that I picked. It's just two Tombow markers 725 bright pink and 676 purple. If you live in Singapore and you'd like to purchase Tombow markers (singles or in sets) visit this link. They're having a promotion right now all the way till' the end of this year!

  If you were wondering the process of how I created this drawing... I drew a string in pencil, then added the stripes in pencil too. Then I added the colours... Let them dry. Erased the pencil lines, and then outlined the outside of the tile and the loops that were sticking out of the tile with a black 0.8 Micron pen.

  Lastly, I wanted to tell you a little story... 

  Tuesday earlier this week was a tough day for me... It didn't go so great. And I was set to have a class that night. I'm a strong believer of leaving your baggage at the door of the classroom. People pay me good money to learn the Zentangle method from me, to learn new creative skills from me, and to have a good time in my classes. So when I step into a classroom, I make sure I'm 100% present in the moment. So all that hubbub that happened earlier that day... that all melted away when I stepped into the classroom.

  And I was genuinely happy to see my students. I am so blessed to have wonderful students who bring such great energy, creativity, and joy to every class. Then one of my students, her name is Diana, took out a small click eraser. "It's a gift for you," she said. And a huge smile spread across my face.

  See, last week, I saw that another student had a similar eraser in her pencil case. I loved it. I'm overly excitable and get happy over small things. I mentioned that I had only seen large click erasers- never small skinny ones. And I gushed over how cute the small click eraser was.

  So Diana had heard the conversation and gone out to get me a small click eraser. It was wonderful. I'm still smiling now as I recount the story to you. :) That small gift brightened up my crappy day so much. I love teaching tangling to others, and it's small moments like these that I hold close to my heart.

new classes and all that gems

  Last term, as part of our weekly classes, we learnt how to draw pearls using coloured pencils. This upcoming term, we'll be learning how to add some colour gradient to our tangles to give it that extra pop of fun. 

  If you'd like to join us to learn how to do that, here are the dates that our weekly classes will fall on:
  • BUKIT BATOK EAST ZONE 3 RC: (Next to Bukit Batok East Community Club. To get to the RC, you can take bus 173 from Bukit Batok bus interchange and alight at Blk 254.) 1:30pm to 3pm. Saturdays. 21st, and 28th October, 4th, and 11th November 2017.
  • CHANGI-SIMEI COMMUNITY CLUB: 4pm to 5:30pm. Tuesdays. 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th November 2017. 
  • TOA PAYOH CENTRAL COMMUNITY CLUB: 7:30pm to 9pm. Wednesdays. 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th November 2017.

  We'll also be teaching craft classes. The earliest one will be happening at Toa Payoh CC on 1st November 2017 (Wednesday), 7pm to 9pm. This class will teach you how to use fabric markers to draw your very own creation on a beautiful cotton tote bag. A one-of-a-kind creation. 

Here are other two venues that we'll be teaching a tote bag craft class:
  • BUKIT BATOK EAST ZONE 3 RC: (Next to Bukit Batok East Community Club.) 25th November 2017. 1pm to 3pm. Saturday.
  • PASIR RIS EAST COMMUNITY CLUB: 2nd December 2017. 10am to 12pm. Saturday.

  In addition, we're also thrilled to announce that we will now be teaching greeting card classes! The class will focus on helping you learn how to use colours in your Zentangle art and how to draw gemstones...

 In the two hour creativity class, you will get to learn a number of Zentangle patterns and how to combine them to create a multi-flap greeting card. You will also be taught different techniques on how to use Tombow dual brush markers such as misting, colour blending, and how to create gradients. You will also be taught how to draw beautiful gemstones that you can use to add a spark of magic to your art work.

  We know you've been waiting so long for us to come up with a class like this, so we do hope these classes will be well-received.

  Excited? So are we. Here are the venues, dates, and timings of the greeting card classes:
  • CI YUAN COMMUNITY CLUB: 28th November 2017. 10am to 12pm. Tuesday.
  • BUKIT BATOK EAST COMMUNITY CLUB: 9th December 2017. 4pm to 6pm. Saturday.
  • CHANGI-SIMEI COMMUNITY CLUB: 13th December 2017. 2:30pm to 4:30pm. Wednesday.
  • TANJONG PAGAR COMMUNITY CLUB: 17th December 2017. 10am to 12pm. Sunday.

Monday, 9 October 2017

Japan Calligraphy Art Academy Calligraphy Exhibition at The Luxe Art Museum Singapore

  Sunstar, a company with Japanese origins, will be hosting a series of Japanese calligraphy art and cultural event in Singapore this month. The events will be hosted by the Japan Calligraphy Art Academy (Nihon Shodo Bijutsuin), co-organised by Sunstar and Japan Creative Centre (Embassy of Japan) and supported by The Mainichi Shimbun / Mainichi Shodo Kai. Through the events, they aim to both promote cultural exchange between Japan and Singapore; as well as use Japanese calligraphy as a channel to direct the attention of local communities to the importance of holistic healthcare.

Japan Calligraphy Art Academy Calligraphy Exhibition

  Since 1945, Sunstar has been a strong supporter of the Japan Calligraphy Art Academy in holding various Japanese calligraphy exhibitions. This partnership also illustrates Sunstar’s commitment to its corporate motto of helping people achieve better health and enhance their quality of life. Fun fact: The Japan Calligraphy Art Academy is one of Japan’s oldest calligraphy art institutes with 70 years of history! Wow!

  The exhibition will showcase over 60 pieces of curated masterpieces by members of the Japan Calligraphy Art Academy. The exhibition will cover four categories: Sino-Japanese ideograms (“kanji”), Japanese syllabary (“kana”), new calligraphic art and seal carving.

  So where and when will the exhibition be held in Singapore..?

  It will be held at the Luxe Art Museum. (That's the building with the lizard statue outside of it, at Dhoby Ghaut.) The exhibition will happen from the 20th to 25th October 2017.

  If you visit the exhibition between the 20th to the 24th of October, try to time your visit to happen between 2pm to 3pm so that you can watch wonderful calligraphy performances done by visiting calligraphers. They will also be there to provide opportunities for you to learn and practice calligraphy. The number of participants for the calligraphy trial is limited, but all activities are free of charge. Visitors will also receive an exclusive calligraphy art gift and a lovely Sunstar goodie bag, while stocks last. Don't say bojio ah.

Japan Cultural Workshop Day

  You can also choose to take part in the series of workshops and events that will happen in heartland areas. These events will happen only on the 21st of October 2017. You'll be able to watch calligraphy performances, learn and practice calligraphy, and enjoy other Japanese cultural experiences. The events will be held at:
  •  The Japanese Association, Singapore (JAS) – starts at 10am. There will be a calligrapher performance, and calligraphy trials on Uchiwa (Japanese Fan)
  • Japan Creative Centre (JCC) – starts at 10am. There will be a calligrapher performance, and calligraphy trials on T-Shirt (Limited to first 40 participants)
  • Choa Chu Kang Community Club (CC)* – Afternoon to Evening. There will be a calligrapher performance, calligraphy trials, a Japanese Cultural Booth, plus a movie screening of “Shodo Girls” and a kids dental show held in the evening. The dental show is an oral health edutainment show to raise awareness about the importance of oral care which sounds like great fun for the little ones. :)
  • Our Tampines Hub (OTH) – Afternoon. There will be a calligrapher performance, calligraphy trials (Limited to first 50 participants), and a movie screening of “Shodo Girls”.
*Do note that there will be an admission fee for CCK CC, but all other venues are free.

  Through the Japanese Calligraphy Art Exhibition and the other cultural events planned, Sunstar hopes to offer an immersive cultural experience to increase appreciation of traditional Japanese calligraphy art and culture. I'm planning to visit the exhibition on the 20th to try my hand at Japanese calligraphy. I hope you'll join in the fun, too.

  Get updates on this event by following their Facebook event page: 

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Inktober Tangles Week One

Here's a tile I did for Travelling Tangles Project. It was sent to me from Laura van Erp. She did the two little Paradox-Cadents. (If you'd like to learn how to draw them, you can watch this video.) I added Diva Dance Waltz and Hollibaugh, then used watercolours to complete the background, and finally, added some Printemps using a white Uni-ball Signo pen.

  Here's my seventh tile for Joey's challenge. Featuring the lovely Printemps.

  A little Bijou in my sketchbook for Diva's challenge.

  And here are my first three tiles for Inktober Tangles. Bunzo, Dicso, and....

... Feeling Knotty. I really liked exploring the different ways I could draw Feeling Knotty. If you'd like to find the prompts to the Zentangle version of Inktober, you can visit this link.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

InktoberTangles 2017 Prompts

  Inktober is almost upon us. This will be my second year doing Inktober. Last year, I followed the official prompts but it was a bit difficult because the official prompts were created more for illustrators and artists... So this year, I created a list of my own, featuring tangles as prompts. With this we start on a new hashtag... #InktoberTangles

  And I thought to share my list with you, in case you'd wanted to do the challenge, too. Here's the original poster/flyer for the challenge:

  And if you're on Instagram and would like to share it there, here's a square version of the poster/flyer:

  If you're more of a Facebook sort of person, here's a shareable Facebook post so that you can share the challenge with your family and friends. I hope you'll have fun with the challenge and that there'll be many people who'll join in the fun.

  Do you think it's a good list? I tried to have a mix of official tangles and some tangles that I liked and used often. I will be using the official prompts to practice my calligraphy, and these prompts for my Zentangle art.

  Will you be participating in Inktober this year? Let me know in the comments section! :)

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

book and Kickstarter announcement

  I'm so excited for the new projects I'll be taking on soon. I'm planning to make a book (or rather, an art zine since it'd have a soft cover and will be about 30 pages only). This first volume will be A4-sized and will showcase Zentangle pieces from my sketchbooks. I have all the art works ready. They just need to be scanned and sorted, edited and then sent to print. I'm aiming to have them out by December, in time for Christmas. :) How quickly time flies.

  Aside from that, I'm planning on creating a Kickstarter project. It'd be small-scaled compared to some other projects on Kickstarter, but it'd be a pet project... something I've had in mind for quite a while now. And I want to make it a reality just to prove to myself that I am capable of great things as long as I put my heart to it. I'm aiming to have that up by the start of November.

  Fingers crossed that both projects will go without a hitch and be successful. I'll let you know via this blog and my newsletter when I make progress on them and they are up for you to look at and support. You can subscribe to my newsletter via this link.

  That aside, here are my tiles for the weekly challenges... Here's my tile for Joey's challenge:
Featuring N'zeppel.

  And a page in my sketchbook for Diva's Challenge:
Featuring crazy N'zeppel. Her example tile had basic tangles, so I went back to basics, too.
It's nice to do that once in a while.

  Anndddd~ The November/December school holidays are almost here. So I've been busy with coming up with new lesson plans for my craft classes. Here are samples for the greeting card class that I'll be teaching:

  They were made fully with Tombow markers. And during the class, I will be teaching different techniques on how to use your Tombow dual brush markers such as misting, colour blending, and how to create gradients. You will also learn how to draw beautiful gemstones that you can use to add a spark of magic to your art work. Here's a video, for you to see how cool they are. 

  I'm so excited to share with you how I created these greeting cards. If you live in Singapore and would like to find out when the greeting card classes will be up for registration, be sure to be subscribed to my newsletter.

  "Don't wait for opportunities. Create them yourself."

Thursday, 21 September 2017

really rad sketchbook page

  Here is my tile for Joey's challenge featuring Ginili. I actually posted a short video of me drawing Ginili in my sketchbook earlier in the week.

  And from that video, I completed the page using some fun tangles for the Diva challenge, which was to use cozy tangles.

  In other news, I completed this tile for the Travelling Tangles Project. The tile was from Joey (of Joey's challenge). Here's her start:

 Here's my finish:

  And lastly, I thought you'd like to see this super cool sketchbook page done by one of Teacher Joni's students. The student's name is "Daphne". Superb work, don't you think?