Wednesday 28 October 2015

Halloween is upon us.

  I was so busy last week that I didn't draw much. But this week, I'm back and it feels great to be able to create beautiful things again.

I had drawn "Slice" and "Sharla Rella" and then didn't know how to complete the tile.
I added the soapstone and "Indy Rella", plus some white charcoal after. Didn't turn out too bad.

I have been working so often on smooth Apprentice tiles, that I forgot how ink works on the regular Zentangle® tiles....
This tile is a little too murky for my liking, but I still like the initial idea that I had. I might attempt this again sometime soon.

My submission for Diva's Challenge.On Instagram, as I was working on this tile, I asked whether I should fill the squarish blocks with tangles. People told me to leave it as it is, or to just fill just a few of the blocks. Here it is, as it is. And I rather like it like this.
I'll be doing something similar on a black tile soon.

My submission for Joey's Challenge.
Was very tempted to fill in each alternating space to make it more dramatic, but I've held back the urge for now.

And the challenge inspired me to try this method on a rose.
I might fill the background with "African Artist", and maybe add colours. But I wanted to capture how delicate the rose looked on its own.
  I live in a condominium, and every year for Halloween, a group of people will make a list of all the houses that want to take part in trick-or-treating. This year, we have 56 households taking part; of which, 115 children will be going around asking for candies and chocolates whilst dressed in cute/scary outfits.

  Had I known about the event sooner, I would've joined too. (You see, it's not common to go trick-or-treating in Singapore. And at the previous place that I lived at, we never celebrated Halloween.) We can always look forward to next year, though. And for now, I shall celebrate with a colourful owl.

  Do you and the people around you celebrate Halloween? Are you (or/and your kids, if you have any) dressing up for Halloween this year? Let me know in the comments section below. ^-^


  1. Lovely works. The owl and the first one are my favorites.

    1. I'm pleasantly surprised that you like the first tile. But thank you for saying so. It has made me feel better about posting it and the story behind the tile. ^-^

      Your Zendala tiles looks beautiful.

  2. Love your stone spiral and the rest are lovely too.

    1. Your tile for Diva's challenge is beautiful.
      I also love the Munchin tiles you did a while back. They remind me of gemstones.

  3. All of this is gorgeous! I especially love the stone spiral. That first piece is really lovely too. It inspires me toward working more with white on black.

  4. Love these. And your nice crisp photos! I think the diva challenge is my favorite!