Monday 2 November 2015

gilded in gold

  First up, a project from last week:

I added "African Artist" to its background.

I was trying out a tangle called "Riviwe"... But I kind of messed up the steps and it ended up not being completely correct. It's still pretty, though.

"Bault" with some Zenstone.

Here's one by Joni.
She's getting a lot better with her lines and creativity.

Another Renaissance tile.

I tried to draw "Narwal" without looking at its step-outs first...

Lastly, "Salam" means "peace" in Arabic. It's also a very informal way to say "hello".
The word is actually gilded in gold ink, but cameras have a way of washing out the gold tones of gold... Kind of looks earth-brown in the photo.

  And that's about it for this past week's tiles.

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