Sunday 4 October 2015

It's always good to try new things.

If you were interested in this template, you can find it on thebrightowl's blog.
It is her Zendala Dare #6.
(Links are clickable and lead to her blog and the mentioned dare post, respectively.)

I decided that I wouldn't follow the template exactly this time.
I was a little timid, though. Small steps.

  It was great fun, and so for my next tile, I decided to go completely outside the box:
I drew a nice string to separate the tile into two large sections, and one small (sort of eye-shaped) section.
And then I just filled in those sections with tangle patterns that I liked.

Here's another.
I've been watching "Legend of Korra", and this tile was inspired by water-bending.

My mum (Joni) also did a tile too. This one is the original Zentangle® tile.
I think her lines are getting cleaner.
  Well. I hope you liked all the pretty things we made this week. ^-^

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