Wednesday 7 October 2015

these shoes were made for walking

  Stephanie says: I've realised that my mother, Joni Toh, has started to do a lot more Zentangle projects. And over the course of the last couple of weeks, I've been posting more and more of her works on my blog. As such, I think it's only fair to add her as an author to this blog so that she can post things with her name alongside each post. Here's what she has been up to for the last week...

Experimenting with "Umble".

"Ing" surrounded by "Hypnotic".

  If you follow me on Instagram @hoongjoni, you'll have seen the new pair of Toms that I just finished. These are different in design from the ones that I had previously made.

  Lastly, I've begun a new series of paintings. This was the first one:
Late night picture, lit up by a standing lamp... Which explains the cold shadows in the picture.
Stephanie said to take a picture of the work in progress to post it on this blog.

And the finished piece!

  Lots of ideas flowed around my head while I was going to sleep last night. I'm very motivated for my next project. I've already started on a new canvas this morning. I can't wait to show you guys the end result.

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