Thursday 8 October 2015

You have to think outside the border.

Stephanie says: I hope you guys enjoyed the previous post and seeing what my mum had created in the last week. I, too, have been over-flowing with creativity. Let's start of with some Zendalas, shall we?
A little empty in the middle, eh?

Fixed it...?
I was quite sad that I had made the patterns in the triangles too busy, so I didn't think I could add anything to the black areas.... If I re-do this Zendala, I'd definitely do it in a different way.

Fun with "Hollibaugh".
There is "Sand Swirl" and "Diva Dance" and "Groovy".
And if I had to tell you; the reason why Diva Dance sort of took up one of the space in Groovy was because I had an "oops moment" and had drawn the lines in that segment wrongly, so I just decided to change it to swirls that resembled "Diva Dance".
I actually liked it better after. Remember, there are no mistakes in Zentangle®. Only opportunities. ^-^

  Up next, new experiments with black Zendala tiles... (You have to think outside the border, sometimes, you know.)

Completely filled in.

In case you were wondering, I'm using Uni-ball's Signo 0.8 in Silver and Sparkling.
They're readily available in Singapore at Popular, and I feel the Silver ink looks more opaque and flows more smoothly than any white ink pen in the market.

  Finally, some works-in-progress:
A Renaissance tile that I'm probably going to end up colouring with coloured pencils, and an Apprentice tile. Those little triangles on the Apprentice tile took me forever to finish..... Next time I'd just fill them completely in black then add the white lines using Uni-ball's Signo Broad in White. Would have been much quicker that way.

And~ If you're following me on Instagram (@havepen_willdraw), you'd have seen an edited version of this picture.
It's details of a new drawing I'm working on, and I'm so very excited to show the full drawing to you soon. Until then, lots of "Tipple" to fill in.

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