Monday 28 May 2012

Painting of the Day: Old New York

"Old New York (Rain)" by Ed Weiss

Watercolor and Indian Ink on 300 lb, 640gsm, Aches cold-pressed watercolor paper.
22" by 30" (56cm by 76cm)

  It's a beautiful piece, isn't it? I think that's due to the brilliant darks in the painting. His secret? He uses indian ink to lay down the darks.

  You can see the technical skill required to draw out the perspective, and the cars. The color scheme is wonderful, and I love the fading feeling of the buildings as they recede.

  Unfortunately, I could not find any information on the Artist, nor could I locate his website. If you do know any information on him, especially his website, do tell me in the comment section below as I would like to give credit to him.

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