Sunday 6 May 2012

Recommended Artist: Robert Sewel

  RWSewell, as his profile name shows, joined WetCanvas is 2006. His real name is Robert Sewel. He is from the US of A, in New Bedford.

  Other than that, there isn't much information on his profile, but I'm sure you'll be amazed at what he draws.

["Oh, God, I have to sign up to comment and view his profile.", I hear you say. For reasons as to why you should join Wetcanvas, click here.]

  I really love the stylistic approach he has to some of his paintings as it breathes a new breath of life into things we see in this world. The jellyfish just glows with the colors used.

  He has done a drawing of a jellyfish but hasn't had the time to finish it. If you're a member of Wetcanvas, visit this link to see the entire thread and leave him a nice message. It's a work in progress. (WIP)

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