Tuesday 8 May 2012

Recommended Artist: Vladimir Kush

"(A) metaphor can easily reflect the complexities of our modern life,
 with its ambiguity and contradictions. The painter's mission is to find a
 metaphorical “parallel” for every side of real life."  

  That's a quote from the Artist's website. I found him through another site, quite by accident, and what drew me to him is the whimsical nature of his paintings, yet profound understanding about light, form, structure, and perspective.

  I would say he goes by the Surrealism approach to things. Using very well thought out palettes of colors. I almost thought they were made digitally. Here are a few of the paintings I like, done by him:

Fish In The City
"Fish in the City"

"Treasure Island"


Breakfast On The Lake
"Breakfast on the Lake"

  His website is slightly complicated, and a little hard to navigate, but still.
Visit his Art.

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