Saturday 5 May 2012

Reasons to join

  Ever seen the questions on Yahoo! Answers where the question asks to rate one of their paintings? The answers usually just give them a rating out of 10, with little or no constructive criticism at all.

  In late 2010, I browsed the world wide web for a website that would provide me a platform to show my Art and get constructive criticism to improve. And I found

 Wetcanvas is a brilliant website that has many different forums to get critique from. The Colored Pencil forum is one that I visit regularly, All Media Art Events (AMAE, for short. Where they host their Weekend Drawing Event.) and the Reference Image Library. (Of which, only members can access.)

  I highly recommend becoming a member, because:
  1. it's free,
  2. you get access to their image library, and 
  3. you get a place where you can get constructive critisism from other Artists who know what you're stuggling with.

  And if you do become a member, I go by the name "Paris Girl", so add me as a friend or come talk to me.

Disclaimer: I am not paid by Wetcanvas and this is NOT an advertisment. It is purely because I truly enjoy Wetcanvas, that is why I'm recommending the website to you.

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