Saturday 19 May 2012

About: Painting of the Day

  I'm going to begin a new segment in my blog called: "Painting of the Day". As I've just taken up a large project recently, I'm doing this to keep the blog posts keep flowing even when I'm too busy or tired. By doing so, it will ensure that you, my dear reader, still have beautiful works of Art to look at every time you visit my blog.

  There will, of course, always be credits to the Artist, and you could, in your own time, Google search the Artist. Or, wait a day or two for me to put up a Recommended Artist post on that particular Artist. Also, I will include a short essay below the chosen painting on what I like about it.

  As always, the "Contact Me" page is above, and should you want me to feature you, or an Artist that you really admire, do not hesitate to write me an e-mail.

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