Sunday 20 December 2015

have a blue (and white, and red, and silver) Christmas

  I'm part of this Facebook group that does art swaps frequently. I took part in their Winter Swap 2015 recently. Most artists are from the US of A. I saw that a few people were from Canada. I was the only one from Asia... (Woohoo! Singapore represent!)

  We had to make ATCs using only blue, red, silver, and white. It was a little frustrating to not be able to use black ink... But I managed. They were meant to celebrate Christmas but we have until February to mail them out. Mine probably won't reach anyone in time for Christmas, but I didn't want to send them out during the festive season rush as mail gets lost more frequently around that time of year, and the ATCs will have to travel half way round' the world from Singapore to the United States... Shoutout to Carla Szczuka for being my swap buddy. ^-^

  Without further ado, here are all the Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) I made for the swap.

  I really tried to vary how each ATC looked like. I hope the people in my group will like what they get, and I'm very excited to receive ATCs from them. I've gotten a couple of ATCs in return already. It really brightens my day to receive snail mail. I might just take part in another swap soon.

  Leave me comments on which your favourite is. And if you'd like to do a personal swap with me, I'm always happy to oblige. E-mail me at for that.

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