Sunday 6 December 2015

Tutorial: Blue Jewel/Jem/Gem on White Paper

  As requested, here's a tutorial showing how I draw a blue jewel/jem/gem on white paper. I wanted this second tutorial to teach you something different from my first, so in this video, I don't use a pen to add highlight. Instead, I use the white of the paper as a substitute. I'm hoping this will be useful for those of you who don't have a white pen, or don't enjoy using pens with your coloured pencils. 

  Note that I'm using Derwent's Coloursoft pencils, and so I'm not adding any water (unlike if you use Derwent's Inktense pencils). I don't think there's a need for notes this time around because everything is pretty much written out in the video. I've already planned to make another video with some tips on using dry coloured pencils to create jewels. Many artists use Inktense pencils or watercolours, and I think those of you who are looking to just use dry coloured pencils will find my next video useful.

  As always, feel free to ask questions in the comments section below, and also to make requests for what coloured/shaped jewels you'd like to see in my next tutorial. ^-^

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