Tuesday 1 December 2015

mucking about with Mooka

  I received my tiga sketchbook that I backed on Kickstarter, and I've been using it for the past week. Here are some of the works I've done in it so far.

Hollibaugh Zentangle
Hollibaugh within Hollibaugh,

Arukas is amongst those few tangles that I really struggle with.
I'm determined to get better at it, though.

I also played around with Mooka.
I didn't actually like the fact that it doesn't close. So I thought of ways to make it work for me.

Update: I've made a tutorial on how I draw my version of Mooka. Link is right here: (click me)

grained zentangle tree
A coloured page for Diva's Challenge. Tangle used: "Grained".
I haven't decided what tangles to add to the tree..... I'll update this post once I get around to it.
(Shoutout to Dilip. It was great seeing you at CZT21.)

cruffle zentangle,
"Cruffle" and a variety of things I thought of doing with it...
As a border, as a tangle, and as "ornaments".

I've recently been obsessed with Heartswell.
It's just such a simple yet elegant tangle...

Done with Coloursoft.
I wanted to see how coloured pencils would lay on the sketchbook.

  Joni has been busy with a new project for Everything Is Art, so she doesn't have tiles to show for this week... Here's a sneak peak at what she has done so far, though:

  Thanks for looking and for leaving such wonderful comments last week.


  1. Wonderful work, you have been busy. I love the Mooka with Pokeroot wrapped around the stem (storing that one away for the future:-). Your tree is very realistic and lovely against the red background.

  2. Beautiful work! All of it!

  3. Beautiful work! Your tree is gorgeous!

  4. How wonderful it is to get a new notebook. Have fun and continue with such great tangling!

  5. How fun! Everything is so beautiful. I really love that tree.