Tuesday 22 December 2015

the river flows in you

  Woohoo! Part two of what I've done in the past week.

  Aside: The title of this post is related to a drawing I'll be showing later. And it's also the title to this really beautiful song... (link right here.) You might want to click on the link to listen to the song while you're reading this post. ^-^

  Jewels; jems; gems... Whatever you want to call them...

What happened with this jewel was that I accidentally cracked it... But I decided to just roll with it and enhance the cracks with ink.
"How did you crack it, Stephanie? Isn't the jewel drawn onto paper..?"
Yes, but I used a special method to make the jewel extra special. I'll be posting a mini tutorial soon.

  The next drawing is pretty cool (if I do say so myself). It was inspired by the Willamette River Historical Stream Channels in Oregon.
In 1941, the Mississippi River Commission appointed Harold Fisk to undertake a groundbreaking effort to map the entire Lower Mississippi Valley. Three years later he produced a stunning series of 15 maps that combine over 20 different river paths obtained through historical charts and aerial photography.

You can see the original picture (made 
by cartographer Dan Coe) that inspired the drawing via this direct link: (click me)

Playing around with Cadent and Bunzo. Bundent..? Eh.
And a little Leaflet border at the side.

Have I posted this drawing before? I can't remember.
I think it looks pretty, though. So here it is (again?).
Coloursoft on my tiga sketchbook.

Lastly, a hella rad inked drawing.
I like the sci-fi, oriental look it has going.
  And that's about it for this week. Thanks for looking~

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