Friday 25 December 2015

This is the how-many-th jewel that I've drawn..?

  You're here for the tutorial, eh? It's quite simple, really. Watch the video then read the steps to follow along what I'm doing.
  1. Very lightly outline the shape of the jewel with a pencil; not forgetting to add a border for it.
  2. I'm adding the darkest tone to the left side of the jewel; which is different from what I usually do. But I'm a rebel like that.
  3. Now for the mid tone. You'll notice that I'm following the shape of the jewel- which is a sort of bean shape. It's at this point that I have a slight regret for choosing green as the colour of the jewel. (Is it a jewel, or a shiny bean?) ... But onwards we must go.
  4. Lighter tone... And then the lightest tone (which is a sort of grass green). Looks good.
  5. Now we add black. Just to the very edge of the dark side of the jewel.
  6. And now we saturate the colours, moving from the darkest colour to the lightest colour.
  7. Now for the highlight. I'm using a white Uni-ball Signo Broad pen. Adding white to here, here, and just a little tiny bit there and there.
  8. Shall I lighten things up a little? ... Yea. I'll try. Using a white coloured pencil, I'm lightening the jewel just a tiny bit. 
  9. Looks good?  ... Looks good. Now all we need is to go crazy with the Zentangle around it. However, I messed up that part. You don't need to see my shame, so there's no video of that.

  Hope this tutorial was fun. I should make more of these light-hearted tutorials in the future. I'm going to start adding voice-overs to some of my videos. And I have a super long tips and tricks video in the pipeline so look out for that. ^-^

  If you'll like to read a more serious tutorial, read this blog post: (click me)

  Keep tangling~

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