Tuesday 24 November 2015

rainy days make for grey-ish pictures

  Stephanie says: I heard my first Christmas song at a mall near my house yesterday. Christmas is actually my favourite holiday of the year because of all the joy and festivity surrounding it.

  I've already sent out hand-made Christmas cards to my family and friends living half way around the world in America and London... And cards that will go to loved ones closer to home will go out probably next week.

Here's one of those cards.

The ATC within the card.

My submission for Diva's Challenge: Hollibaugh. The top one has "Grained" with it, and a coloured pencil background. The bottom one has "Tropicana" and a glitter-y "Tipple" background.
I'm sad that the glitter doesn't show up better. We're having a rainy day here in Singapore, so the pictures aren't the best.... :(

A little feather on a tile.
The tile was white. I messed up too badly and couldn't salvage it. So I decided to paint it black with acrylic paint, then draw something else on it. Works like a charm.

And here's my submission for Joey's Challenge: Yuma.
It's a really elegant tangle.
  What have you been up to this week? I can't wait to go through the other submissions for this week's challenges.   ^-^


  1. great artwork, i like all your tiless

  2. I can't believe that Yuma tile. It's a pattern I just don't get. Yet yours flows so beautifully. The feather and the blue ATC are very pretty and I like your ideas for the Diva Challenge too.

  3. All your tiles are lovely and I love the Tropicana in your diva challenge! Always a thrill for me to see people using it and what they do with it!

  4. These are all lovely, but I'm especially taken with the "grained" hollibaugh. I keep thinking it looks like boards of wood but haven't yet tried to pull that off. Nicely done.

  5. I especially like your Yuma. It is VERY elegant the way you draw it!

  6. Lovely tiles and your Hollibaugh is done so well.

  7. Lovely work. Good idea to include some tangling in your Christmas cards, and such a smart thing to just paint over tiles that don't make you happy!

  8. Wonderful pieces! Very nicely done!

  9. Wow, you have been busy. Your featherfall is a great coverup, I can't get that one to work for me so well done. The Yumas are excellent too.

  10. The dashed line effect is so effective on the Yuma! Your challenges are both very elegant. Thanks for participating in my challenges!
    ~ joey ~