Friday 13 November 2015

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  The great thing about being a Certified Zentangle Teacher is that I get to teach the Zentangle® method to others. I've been a teacher for two years before this, but I've only *just* started to teach Zentangle classes.  It's been a splendiferous journey so far. There are still days where I feel it's crazy to think that I'm doing what I love every single day, and that I get to share my passion with others along the way.

  I have a class on Wednesday mornings with a wonderful lady named Muniza. It's only her second class! Can you believe that? She did a brilliant job at following instructions yet thinking creatively at the same time.

  And earlier last week, I had a class with the youngest students I've ever taught. They were five to six years old, and quite frankly, I was a little nervous as to whether they would be able to follow along. However, they took me quite by surprise and exceeded what I imagined they were capable of doing. Here are some pictures of the class:
Me in my aquamarine dress and matching flower laurel..
(I'm holding notes in my hand, because I had to simplify the introductory class to match their age group... It was a new experience for me, with the large class and young students.

Checking out what their classmates had drawn.

Shading in progress...

Concentrating on blending...
Class mosaic~
"Where's my tile?"

They really were all so beautiful!

  If you're interested in having a class with us, do click on this link to find out more.

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