Thursday 12 November 2015

Pink "W2" Zentangle

  I recently went to this outdoor exhibition that showcased some art instillations. The art works are what we call "community art works" as they are done with the help of residents in our local heartlands.

See-saws to play with.

A very interesting and colourful sculpture that children could climb on. 

I took a picture with it.
  And now for this week's tiles:
"W2" for Joey's Challenge.
I've seen a lot of tiles done with pink Microns lately, so I thought to try it out.

Rainbow background. Mooka and Tipple.
I liked how this tile so much that I've decided to make a similar design on an Apprentice tile as a present for my godmother's birthday.

Singapore Sling!
With glittery Tipple.

This was inspired by Diva's Challenge: Stones.
I did a white version of it that looks really similar to this. You can see it via this link.
  And that's about it for this week. Thanks for reading!   ^-^


  1. Ooh, that rainbow tipple with mooka is luscious, but I love the swirl of your stone inspired tile. It really draws you in, like a whirlpool for the eye. Terrific work

  2. I love each and every tile! I have Pinned some to my Zentangle Inspiration board, I hope that is ok.
    ~ joey ~

  3. Yes, all these tiles are lovely!

  4. ,wonderful, your stone tile is awesome.