Tuesday 23 December 2014

Try Out Thursday: In The Box December 2014

  For Christmas, I thought of adding something interesting to the list of things I wanted to give to my mum. On my online search for unique gift ideas, I discovered something called "subscription box". The idea behind subscription boxes is that you would pay a sum of money for a box and the company you paid will pack a box for you filled with random things. Different companies go with different themes, of sorts. You can get make up boxes, organic products boxes, craft boxes, even art boxes. It was through my search of these boxes that I chanced upon In The Box.

  Now, they sell one-off boxes, or yearly boxes that they send out quarterly. The products within their boxes are natural, healthy and eco-conscious. And I instantly fell in love with their idea. So I bought one, and it arrived in the 11th of December 2014.

Such a simple packaging. Loved it.
(Address info is blacked out for safety reasons. As much as I love you guys, I don't need any of you to send me things or come looking for me during Christmas...)

Look at all the products~
See the tin heart on the bottom right... I loved that tin. So cute.

Products from right to left, top to bottom;
Heat balm, scented dough, soap and shampoo, moringa powder, soy wax,  one complimentary group mat class, vegan cookie, tea leaves, and a postcard from Make Room.
The white card is just a little card from In The Box. (not in picture: The heart tin box in the previous picture)

  The box had this earthy, spicy smell. I think it was from the scented dough...

  The heat balm is a bit like Tiger Balm, only the scent was less prickly. I liked it a lot cause it helped with my blocked nose. The scented dough was quite interesting. Mine was "Energy". Supposedly, you need to play with the dough for 5-10 min and it'd help via form of aromatherapy. My hand felt prickly after playing with it for a while because I actually have very bad blood circulation... You know, like when you have a massage and then your body will feel prickly afterwards... Yar, it was like that.

  My mum hasn't tried the soap and shampoo yet. I liked the packaging, though. Very simple and elegant.

  I still have no idea what moringa powder is, but I would liken it to green tea powder.. You can add it to your juices or smoothies. Haven't tried it yet so I can't say how it tastes like.

  The sox wax was nice. You can add it to your candles and it'd release a nice scent to your room.

  Group mat class- self explainable. I've wanted to join yoga classes for a while now, so I might decide to use the card sometime soon.

  The vegan cookie was so delicious~ And they have many other flavours too. They're currently having a promo for $3.30 per cookie, and I think it's worth it because of the size of the cookie and how tasty it is.

  Keiko tea leaves- haven't tried them yet.

  Postcard from Make Room.


  It was a subscription box that was very well-put together. All the products were lovely, and my mum absolutely loved the whole idea. She even said that at SGD$49, it was super worth it. And if you get a yearly subscription, you can save $40. How awesome is that? So head on over to InTheBox now to sign up for yours today.

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