Monday 29 December 2014

The Earlier Mona Lisa Exhibition at The Arts House

  The "Earlier Mona Lisa" has spent the past four decades in a Swiss bank vault, from where it has from time to time been released to undergo expert examinations and scientific tests which have revealed that it is indeed a painting by Leonardo Da Vinci, executed around 10 years before the Louvre work.

  The "Earlier Mona Lisa" came out of the shadows and into the spotlight during an international press conference in Geneva, Switzerland in September of 2012, sparking enormous worldwide interest.

  The exhibition is happening at The Arts House from 16th December 2014 to 11th February 2015. 

The Arts House
at the Old Parliment
1 Parliment Lane, Singapore

Here's a peek at what I saw at the exhibition:

  I went to see the exhibition on Christmas Eve, and surprisingly, there was a good turn-out. You'd expect everyone to stay home or go shopping... But it was a nice surprise, though. The exhibition helpers told me that they were seeing a better turn-out than they had initially anticipated, and I thought that was good to hear.
  The exhibition was mostly based on the tablets. Each person would get one tablet and you would get to choose either the kid's tour or the adult's tour. The adult's tour is very much more filled with information and has beautiful videos of interviews and reenactments. 
  The exhibition space is large and there are multiple rooms through the exhibition, so don't crowd in the first room. All the information boards were nicely printed and lit, and there was good flow to the exhibition and you could follow the story behind how the earlier Mona Lisa was finally accepted as a painting done by Leonardo himself.
  Finally, the last room of the exhibition holds the actual painting of the earlier Mona Lisa and I think that alone would make up for the amount you'd spend on the ticket. The information I learnt through the tablet just added even more dimensions to the whole experience and I thoroughly enjoyed myself that day.
  Tickets are available through Sistic or at the event's venue. For more info on the exhibition, visit

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