Thursday 4 December 2014

My computer crashed...

... And that is why I haven't been posting....

  I was making a video about a book titled "The Vatican: All the Paintings". I had *just* finished editing it, and it was being exported, then my computer crashed. I rebooted the computer. The video was lost, but it wasn't too big a deal for me- it was an hour's worth of effort, mind you- but nothing that would make me get overtly angry. I shut down my computer properly to restart it, but then it wouldn't start up. :/

  Long story short; I had initially thought the hard-drive was fried, but it turned out to be a fixable software problem. I've since bought a new computer, though. I already have posts scheduled for the coming week, and I'll be back on my regular posting schedule immediately after that.

  Apologies for the lack of post. I swear I'm not being lazy and that it was a technical issues.

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