Tuesday 16 December 2014

'K'rafers Paradise

  They're located at City Square Mall, #04-19/20/21 Farrer Park. It's so close to Farrer Park MRT station~

  They sell lots of craft things, paints, paintbrushes, KCK artist canvases (that's something new to me), and lots and lots of scrapbook papers.

Price list for canvases.

Do you spot the Faber Castell's polychromos in this picture.
*hyperventilates* I need them in my life.

  All in all, it's a great shop. The staff seem friendly enough. The store is well lit and well-stocked. And City Square Mall itself is huge, so it's great for a family day out or something along those lines. Worth a visit.

  If you know any other art stores that you think should be featured, tell me in the comment section below! :)


  1. could you please tell me where you get a pencil storage pouch or sth like that to store my polychromos, sth that is affordable? Thanks in advance.

    1. Thank you for your kind comments. Art Friend sells a pencil wrap by Derwent.
      Polychromos come in really nice metal tins, though. Why do you want to put them in another storage?

    2. Do they sell KCK paint too?

    3. @pEArL phyu : I'm not sure about that. Do give them a call to ask. 6884 9986