Wednesday 31 December 2014

New Art Friend Branch at Plaza Singapura

  A new Art Friend just opened to replace the one that was at Takashimaya. It's located at Plaza Singapura, B1-13. Apparently, it's not fully open though.. But I think it's the most beautifully laid out Art Friend branch; everything was easy to find and there was a good flow to the layout of the products. 

Look at the gigantic ad that was placed at B2!

Opening promotion: For every $50 you spend, you'll get a $5 voucher to spend on your next purchase at this branch. Valid till' 31st Jan 2015.

Polychromos. Gimme~

Buy ALL THE Derwent products!    \(^▽^)/
And the Graphik pens are already in stock. Woohoo!

They sell frames now?!? That's new to me. And they have a good variety too.

Paper aisles.
These are Daler Rowneys.

Fabriano sketchbooks.

  You bet your butt I bought things from the store. And yes; I did spend more than $50 to take advantage of the in-store promotion. ^-^

These were located near the check-out counter.
And this would be the equivalent of supermarkets putting their candy section near the check-out counters... You're all like, "Uhhh~ This looks interesting..." *grabs one and puts it into the shopping basket*

It's seven little sketchbooks by Fabriano. And each sketchbook has a name and different papers within them. All in all, they look really cute and I can't wait to try them out. $22.90 for the whole pack.

Red is "Vellutata", which is velvet.
Orange is "Pergamenata, which is parchment.
Yellow is "Goffrata", embossed.
Light green is "Vergata". They say it's laid paper. I think it resembles Chinese rice paper.
Dark green is "Ecologica". Ecological- which I think means it's made of recycled paper.
Light blue is "Naturale", and I think it's untreated paper.
Dark blue is "Marcata". It's paper meant for felt markers.

Always wanted to get myself some new watercolour brushes.
My old Pentel one was giving me troubles.... And these were $13 for one pack.

Another Fabriano product.
I thought it looked like a bible. hahaha

I thought it was cool because it had a mix of brown and white paper.

Kneaded eraser (a.k.a "putty eraser") by Faber Castell. I love Faber Castell, by the way. I think their students coloured pencils- the regular children's coloured pencils- are very affordable and give really good colour pay-off. I'm still looking forward to getting their Polychromos sometime in the future.

I needed the eraser for my coloured pencil drawings, and my sketches as well.
A very affordable $1.10.
Daler Rowney's Aquafine Watercolour Postcards.
I have a friend who is going to further her studies in UK. I bought this so that I could draw on the postcards and mail them to her over the coming year. This cost me $6.

Each postcard has a space for you to stick your stamp on, and lines to write the address you're sending it to. It's also really thick and sturdy watercolour paper, and I already have ideas on what I'm going to draw on them. I bought this mainly to use my Derwent Inktense blocks on.
Not from this haul.. These were actually Christmas gifts from a friend of mine. 
But in case you were wondering, this is how Inktense Blocks look like. Also in the picture are the Derwent Graphik Line Makers. You can read my review of them via this link.

   And that's about it for this Art Friend haul. To see a list of all the Art Friend branches in Singapore, you can click this link.


  1. Are there Copic refills there? I got my first copic set a while ago and I'm worried that it may dry soon(I use skin tones a lot). I was hoping to get information on where refills are.