Sunday 10 September 2017

paint with the colours of the wind

  Here's my tile for Joey's challenge:

  Here's a tile from Raye Burnett for the Travelling Tangles Project. Raye started with Flux on the corners. So I decided to echo that with a lot more Flux-y tangles. Ando is featured, along with Fe-Ba for the background. And I don't know whether the top band in the quarter circle has a name but I've been using it in my tiles quite often lately. Shading was done with Tombow marker 977, and highlights were added with a white Uni-ball Signo pen.
Travelling Tangles Project, Stephanie Jennifer art

  There's a beautiful golden glimmer to it that the camera didn't pick up, so I took a video to show you, instead.

  On a personal project front, I did some tiles in a rainbow format to play around with my Tombow markers.
Tombow markers Singapore

  These ones made up a circle, like a China plate.

  And here's one tile with very beautiful edges.
Diva Dance Rock and Roll Simplified

  If you live in Singapore and would like to purchase some Tombow markers, I sell them at the lowest cost possible. You can find out more via this link.

  In other news, I will be going to an event to work on part of the art installation titled "Tree Canopy" by Japanese artists Hirotoshi & Nami Sawada at the Tower Wing of Shangri-La Hotel Singapore. The event is happening this coming Tuesday, 12th September, from 7:30pm. I will make a post about it the day after. :)

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