Thursday 28 September 2017

InktoberTangles 2017 Prompts

  Inktober is almost upon us. This will be my second year doing Inktober. Last year, I followed the official prompts but it was a bit difficult because the official prompts were created more for illustrators and artists... So this year, I created a list of my own, featuring tangles as prompts. With this we start on a new hashtag... #InktoberTangles

  And I thought to share my list with you, in case you'd wanted to do the challenge, too. Here's the original poster/flyer for the challenge:

  And if you're on Instagram and would like to share it there, here's a square version of the poster/flyer:

  If you're more of a Facebook sort of person, here's a shareable Facebook post so that you can share the challenge with your family and friends. I hope you'll have fun with the challenge and that there'll be many people who'll join in the fun.

  Do you think it's a good list? I tried to have a mix of official tangles and some tangles that I liked and used often. I will be using the official prompts to practice my calligraphy, and these prompts for my Zentangle art.

  Will you be participating in Inktober this year? Let me know in the comments section! :)

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  1. I'm going to be playing along! Thanks for the inspiration!