Wednesday 27 September 2017

book and Kickstarter announcement

  I'm so excited for the new projects I'll be taking on soon. I'm planning to make a book (or rather, an art zine since it'd have a soft cover and will be about 30 pages only). This first volume will be A4-sized and will showcase Zentangle pieces from my sketchbooks. I have all the art works ready. They just need to be scanned and sorted, edited and then sent to print. I'm aiming to have them out by December, in time for Christmas. :) How quickly time flies.

  Aside from that, I'm planning on creating a Kickstarter project. It'd be small-scaled compared to some other projects on Kickstarter, but it'd be a pet project... something I've had in mind for quite a while now. And I want to make it a reality just to prove to myself that I am capable of great things as long as I put my heart to it. I'm aiming to have that up by the start of November.

  Fingers crossed that both projects will go without a hitch and be successful. I'll let you know via this blog and my newsletter when I make progress on them and they are up for you to look at and support. You can subscribe to my newsletter via this link.

  That aside, here are my tiles for the weekly challenges... Here's my tile for Joey's challenge:
Featuring N'zeppel.

  And a page in my sketchbook for Diva's Challenge:
Featuring crazy N'zeppel. Her example tile had basic tangles, so I went back to basics, too.
It's nice to do that once in a while.

  Anndddd~ The November/December school holidays are almost here. So I've been busy with coming up with new lesson plans for my craft classes. Here are samples for the greeting card class that I'll be teaching:

  They were made fully with Tombow markers. And during the class, I will be teaching different techniques on how to use your Tombow dual brush markers such as misting, colour blending, and how to create gradients. You will also learn how to draw beautiful gemstones that you can use to add a spark of magic to your art work. Here's a video, for you to see how cool they are. 

  I'm so excited to share with you how I created these greeting cards. If you live in Singapore and would like to find out when the greeting card classes will be up for registration, be sure to be subscribed to my newsletter.

  "Don't wait for opportunities. Create them yourself."


  1. Lovely tiles and I love how bright the cards are. That will be a fun class!

  2. Now I'm sorry I don't live in Singapore! I'd love to take your classes. But, I did have the chance to visit your interesting city/country/island.

  3. Gorgeous art Stephanie! I love those cards;-)

  4. So exiting for you those projects, I'm sure they will be successful. Like Suzanne, if I lived near you I would come to a class :-) I like the work you show this week.

  5. Love those colorful cards, Stephanie! I'm sure your class will be wonderful!

  6. Your Nzeppel is stunning! I like your colourful cards.