Wednesday 29 June 2016

June Tanglelendar

  I'm not taking part in any weekly Zentangle challenges this week. But here's a tile that's inspired by Joey's challenge last week:
Featuring Maryhill in the middle.
  And now on to the tiles I've completed for Travelling Tangles...
with Karin Godyns.

with  Christel Foncke.

with Susanna Anna Redaelli.

with  Franciose Lip.

  Travelling Tangles is a collaborative project that aims to show how the Zentangle® method can bring people from around the world closer to one another. The idea is that you will draw on an original Zentangle tile but only finish the drawing half-way. Then you will send it off to another person for him/her to complete it. In exchange, they too will half finish a tile and send it to you for you to complete. Both you and the other person will then each keep the tile you have received.

  The group is open to everyone- the more the merrier.

  You don't have to swap to be a part of the group. If you'd like to join the group just to be able to see all the beautiful things everyone creates, that's perfectly alright. You can join the group via this link.

  Here's a pretty selfie from that one day when I went to Teck Ghee to hold a workshop:

  I had my last class for June yesterday. You can see various things that the class created on Everything Is Art's Facebook page via this link. I just want to show you this awesome Bales that one of my students did.

  I finished my June Tanglelendar:
You can download July's template (and all other months in 2016) from here.

  I have filmed new Draw With Me videos, and they'll be up on my YouTube channel once I'm done.

  And that's about it for now. Till' next week!

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