Saturday 4 June 2016


  I have been kept really really busy this week with Zentangle classes. It has been a whirlwind of email-sending to confirm classes, keeping track of inventory (because heavens knows how quickly pens run out once you start teaching classes...) and going to and fro places that I teach at.

  I taught a bunch of kids and have again gotten used to the interesting/funny/weird things that children say. It's lovely to be around such creative minds that are so willing to learn whatever you teach them. And I must remind myself, again, of how lucky I am to have found my passion at such a young and have the good fortune of doing what I love every day.

  In one class, I taught "Million Air", a pattern by Staub Korn, a dear Zentangle artist friend of mine.

  Here's my tile that I did back in May, shortly after Staub posted the step-outs to the tangle...

  And here are the tiles of Avan (8 yrs), Huda (9 yrs), Lih Ying (8 yrs), Estelle (14 yrs), and Winnie (9yrs)...
  It's a wonderful tangle to teach to show students the difference shading makes, and I will definitely be teaching it again. You can see the other tiles that the students created via this link. Onwards to tiles I received from the Travelling Tangles project!

Here's what Alice Hendon sent me.

And here is how I completed it.

Another tile! This one was sent to me by Pat Floerke.

And I added lots of organic tangles...
Plus some colours using my Derwent Coloursoft coloured pencils.

  It felt really good to work with coloured pencils again when I've not done so in such a long while... I really like how the colour palette came out. Once again, if you'd like to join an international collaborative Zentangle group, go over to the Travelling Tangles group on Facebook.

  And one last tile done just for fun... Have  I showed it to you before? I can't remember...

  It seems like I've taken a liking to Mooka... And to think that I previously didn't like it.

(You might be interested in: Stephanie's Mooka)

  Thanks for dropping by. I hope you gained some inspiration. I'll see you next week. :)

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