Wednesday 22 June 2016

warm summers

  I hope you're enjoying your summer. Singapore is a tropical country so we don't get seasons. But it seems like I've been using a lot of flower-y tangles lately...

   A family friend has a birthday a while ago. And my mum and I *finally* got around to creating a tile together as a present for that friend.
I did the Ando and Tipple. She did everything else.

  Here's a throwback to Joey's Challenge #114. Featuring Shattuck, Barber Pole, Cheesecloth, and an "XIV" string...
I did another variation of this challenge, but me being me, I haven't gotten around to completing it just yet. Oopsies. I'll get there, though... Eventually.

  Here's my entry for this week's Diva Challenge:
I used some inspiration from this week's Joey's Challenge- Maryhill. See whether you can see the Maryhill fragments in the tile. There's also Afterglo (which is a new tangle to me), Printemps, and some other lines.

  Sticking with the black-white-red theme... Here's a tile I completed for the Travelling Tangles Project. This was done with Jo Flaherty.
She did the bottom portion and the small red thingie at the top right corner.
I added Crux and Snail.

  To be honest, I never quite like how my Renaissance tiles turn out. This beauty was from Kim Aarts-Bruins. I added Ando and Dervish. But I didn't like how my shading turned out... The grey graphite made things look muddy. The members in the Travelling Tangles group assured me that it looked just fine, so I guess we are our own worst critique. 
Kim sent me another tile with Singapore Sling on it. And that tile is white, so I'm sure I'll have a better time with that tile.
  Last one. Done with Janet Day.
She did the watercolour background and the blob thing.
I did the rest and added shading with coloured pencils.

  Thanks for stopping by to have a look. Till' next week. ^-^


  1. These are beautiful tiles, I love them all but my favorite is the last one: really gorgeous!!! The white aura's make this tile even more special.

  2. That last tile definitely looks Singapore to me. glorious tropical colour and style. I don't think your shading on the other tile looks muddy, and the white really lists those areas.

  3. What a gorgeous gallery of work!

  4. You were quite busy tangling and with great results.

  5. Beautiful tiles! The last one is my favourite!

  6. Beautiful tiles! Love them all! The last one is my favorite!

  7. You certainly have made some beautiful art. I'm with some of the others; that last one is just gorgeous!