Thursday 28 January 2016

we're verve-ing into February soon

   Another week has zoomed by so quickly. I've been so busy with classes for the past week. It has been gloriously fun. I learnt to use Luv-a as a border from a student of mine; I'm back to reviewing art materials and have a review about Milan erasers to be posted this week; I'm filming more tutorials and speed-drawing videos; and as always, I'm creating wonderful art pieces, too. Have a look at what I've done for the week...

If you'd like to see a video of me drawing the background of this postcard, you can view the video via this link.

I did a tile with "Onion Drops", paired with "Printemps" as a filler.

I had taught a class how to draw "Arukas" so that they could place Zengems in the middle of the circles. A student then asked how she could use "Arukas" with other tangles. I did this tile to show her. Featuring "Bornaro" and "African Artist" as well.

  Now onto some challenge submissions for this week. Starting with Joey's Challenge. We had to use String String 121 and pair it with the tangle "Pais".

My submission for Diva's Challenge. I used the shape of "Singapore Sling" and added "Cadent" in it with a cute little "Luv-a" border. "Singapore Sling" is my tangleation of "Auraknot". You can see the step-outs for it by clicking this link.

My mum's tile for Diva's Challenge. "Mooka" with "Verve" inside it, and some "Tipple" details.

I'm so close to finishing my tangle-a-day calendar for the month.
Get a printable template of the February 2016 Calendar for free by clicking this link.
If you'd like the January 2016 one, you can have it too by clicking here. I hope you like them~

Lastly, a commission piece that I did.
The client said that the border looked a little too empty. Solution? Draw "Diva Dance" on the frame and matting board, of course. ^-^

  Thank you for looking. Leave a comment letting me know what your favourite tangle pattern is. I want new ideas for my February calendar page.


  1. Wow! Lots of lovely work! So fun to see it all!

  2. Your Singapore Sling as a string Diva Challenge tile is really pretty and you managed to also get a lot of other art done. Very nice.

  3. Such a variety of pieces, all so creative! Thank you for participating in my musical challenge, your negative note is wonderful!

  4. Wow! What an amazing collection of work this week. That video is great. Thank you for that and also for the lovely comment on my blog;-) I didn't get much done this week but really enjoyed what I did.

  5. How wonderfuk all your artwork is. I love the tree with the dripping colours can what a clever idea to surround the borders with diva dance.

  6. Very beautiful, all of them! Thanks for the link, nice to see