Wednesday 6 January 2016

is there such a thing as too much creativity

  Happy New Year to everyone! We've been busy here at Everything Is Art. Planning new classes... Trying new tangles and strings... Doing more Zentangle inspired works... Is there such a thing as too much creativity? I just have so many ideas floating in my head. Not that I'm complaining! I'm really happy about it. And I'm also really excited to show you some of the tiles that the people at Everything Is Art have done over the past week or so.

  I did some full pages in my sketchbook:
This one was done with a Sakura Souffle pen.
You can read a review of it by clicking here.

And this is an almost-completed page. I want to add shading to this piece after.

  Here's my tile for It's a String Thing #125:
I wanted the "Tipple" to sort of fall in a weighted fashion. You're meant to tilt the tile a little.

Joni's tile for the challenge.
I like the belt thing she did with "Sprocket".
  Here's a sneak preview to a new time lapse drawing I'll be doing:
The time lapse will be of the Zentangle patterns around the jewel. I'm planning to do a tutorial of how to draw jewels with black coloured pencil as shadow soon.

  And here's some coloured Zendalas I did:
This one didn't use many recognisable Zentangle patterns.

This one used African Artist, Pinepple, and Crescent Moon.

  I also taught Zendala classes last week. The students did great. Here's one by Muniza:

Last but not least, here's a tile Joni and I did for Diva's weekly challenge.
"Lauraknot" and Diva Dance.
I did the Auraknot; Joni did the Diva Dance and shading.

  I did too many tiles, so I'll be posting the remainder of them later on in the week. (Update: that post is up already. You can view it by clicking this link.) Until then... Keep tangling! ^-^


  1. omigosh! you've been very busy. All of your pieces are amazing. I especially love the first one. That would make a great fabric print.

  2. What a lot of work and so many ideas and styles. You are clearly a very creative pair.

  3. Wow, what wonderful work. I love the angle of the straight Diva Dance under the auraknot

  4. Thanks for sharing all your lovely work! I enjoyed them all :)

  5. Beautiful work and wonderful colors!