Tuesday 5 January 2016

Making Zengems/Jewels 3D

  I posted a video on my YouTube channel earlier this week. In it, I showed you how to make your Zengems/jewels look literally three-dimensional. It's a really simple and easy method. In case you missed the video, here it is:

  I've completed quite a couple of zengems using this method. Here are some of them:
The one you saw in the video.
Also, notice the really pretty "Mooka" that I used as a border. I'll be posting a "Mooka... and then some" tutorial soon.

I love this emerald green.

  How did I do it? The answer is that I used Mod Podge's Dimensional Magic. It absolutely has to be Dimensional Magic and not any other glue. I tried using normal white glue, and also Mod Podge Gloss, but they both dried with bubbles in them and ended up looking horrid.

  The back of the bottle says to allow 3 hours of drying time, but I usually let them dry overnight. You can draw multiple jewels and then set them aside till' you collect a good amount of them. And then mod podge them all at one go. It's more convenient that way.

  Do not shake the bottle as doing so will cause bubbles to form in the glue. If you cap the bottle properly, the glue will remain runny. If you must somehow shake the bottle, don't shake it up and down, but instead roll the bottle between your hands (like if you were to start a fire with sticks). You can keep a pen knife and some tissue handy so that if there are bubbles in the glue, you can poke them/remove them before you let the glue dry.

  I hope you create many beautiful things with this new knowledge. Leave me a comment in the comments section below if you'd like, and don't forget to keep tangling~

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