Saturday 16 January 2016

Monsters of the Sea at the Singapore Science Centre

  A few days ago, I visited the Singapore Science Centre with a friend. We went to see the "Monsters of the Sea" exhibition. There's not much info on the Science Centre's website about what to expect from the exhibition.. However, I did see a commercial for the event on tele one time and they showed life sized replicas of the creatures, so I was excited.

  My friend and I took the train to Jurong East, and the Science Centre was just a short walk away. You can even have brunch at the near-by malls first, just like we did. ^-^

  At the entrance of the Science Centre, you're greeted by a small sea monster. It's electronic and moves and lets out growls every now and then, which was really fun. A small glimpse of what we would be able to see in the event area.

  We bought tickets, which cost us $20 each, and then were ushered in. The event space itself is indoors, fully air-conditioned, and is held in a dark room illuminated by neon coloured lights. The lights really added to the atmosphere.

Science Centre, Monsters of the Sea,
We got to see many sea creatures, all true-to-life size (they were huge!) and lots of them could move, too!

Science Centre, Monsters of the Sea,

Science Centre, Monsters of the Sea,
I love jellyfish. Is the plural of "fish", fish or fishes..?
Can you spot the sea monster lurking in the background?

Science Centre, Monsters of the Sea,
This one was gigantic, and really creepy.
I should've taken a photo standing beside it to show you how big it really was.

  There were lots of mini activities scattered around the event space, too. Things like embossing plates that you could use to create a pretty picture with using the paper and oil pastels provided... Documentaries on show... Puzzles shaped like the sea creatures that you could try to solve in under three minutes... Even a high striker to test your strength!
Science Centre, Monsters of the Sea,
They also had a sandbox where you could find your very own fossils!
(But of course, you couldn't bring them home. hehehe)

Science Centre, Monsters of the Sea,
Submarine beside the area that we watched a short documentary about Megalodons.

  There were many other sea creatures at the event, and many other small surprises that I'm not showing because I want you to experience the magic for yourself. The event will be on from now through to the 28th of February 2016, so head down to the Singapore Science Centre soon~

I had lots of fun at the event. I hope you had fun looking at all the cool pictures of the sea monsters, too. Till' next time~

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